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Grounded, grateful, and gritty define this stimulating man leader, Madhav Dhamija. Coming from a family that often traveled worldwide, Madhav’s interests leaned towards the hospitality sector. After graduating from Dr. G.R. Damodaran College of Science in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, he received management training with Livgrand Hotels under the direction of the CEO, Mr. Senthil Sundaram, who was also Madhav’s father’s friend and business partner. When confident enough, Madhav ventured into his entrepreneurial journey in 2019, Dhamija Hospitality. But fate had other plans for him.

Come 2020, and the pandemic crushed the hotel and hospitality industry. “Hardly had I signed up with two hotels that the lockdown came in the way, slashing down my business to half. But I understand the as a start-up, only the theory of ‘the survival of the fittest’ works.”

Being a start-up, it was challenging for Madhav to keep the financial wheels turning with hardly any or next to no income. But his willpower and hard work offered him the strength to not let the situation affect him to the extent that he couldn’t work on solutions. Referring to the lockdown as the “hardest time” for his business, he went on to find some management strategies that helped his business breathe till things got better.

“We implemented strategies like cost-cutting, promotion, keeping in touch with our guests, sending them safety messages, and updating them about our daily offers. JSS Hospital became out USP.” Although, nothing was possible without the support of his family, comprising his parents and younger sister. They prayed for Madhav’s business throughout this low phase by offering him strength, help, and moral support. It reflects in his optimistic thought, “I am still standing strong and am facing all these trying situations. Hopefully, this tough time will end, and we all will stand up even stronger.”

Evidently so, Madhav comes from a home that believes in standing by one another, which he also practices. He wants to help, support, and encourage other people to develop their businesses, knowing it isn’t an easy task to accomplish alone. “Only I know how rewarded it is!”

No wonder that Dhamija Hospitality (DH), a Hotel Brand Management Company, now boasts of an impressive portfolio of properties across South India. Working on the foundation of over twenty years of experience, the firm identifies significant market segments of the properties and delivers value to its partners and their guests. DH’s niche lies in identifying unique properties with tremendous potential and inviting them into the DH family to enjoy a bigger platform and greater visibility.

Madhav’s personality emanates a sense of natural leadership. He is passionate about what he does, which shows in his work. Needless to say, it is his positive approach to life that shields him from the world’s downs. In this manner, he becomes abler to power through without losing focus from his end goal. He is among the very few people who genuinely love every moment of his life, be it professionally or personally.

Speaking about how he manages to balance between both lives, he says, “I schedule every single minute of my day, and it does wonders for me. While it might sound overly restrictive, detailed scheduling is actually what we all should follow because it’s a promise to yourself that you’ll fulfill your most pressing obligations.”

This ideology emphasizes respecting our personal and professional lives equally. Madhav is also among the people who acknowledge his weaknesses and continually work on them. “Someday, I will surely overcome my weaknesses.”

One of his most recent achievement is acquiring a 3 Star Hotel, one of the most elegant and luxurious properties in Mysore. Parallelly, he is also helping the hospitality industry to arise from the effects of the pandemic by giving people space to work with comfort and a good ambiance. His company, Dhamija Hospitality, has created a “Brand” by itself during the pandemic, which is one of Madhav’s most significant achievements.

Highly motivated and result-oriented, Madhav believes that a team is as good as its leader. “It is my team’s effort that I am recognized among the Men Leaders,” he adds. He wants to inspire people, especially the young generation, to chase their dreams. “If I can do it, you can do it too. We should never give up, no matter which stage of life. Love it all!”

Madhav’s personal goal is stimulating- “I just want to radiate happiness, prosperity, and tranquility to everyone I encounter because life is what you make of it.”

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