Kiran Deep Sandhu

Powerful Entrepreneur With a Philanthropic Heart

Some leaders have humongous capabilities and potential when it comes to choosing a unique path. It’s not easy to be different when it comes to starting from scratch. Only someone with powerful willpower can do so. Kiran deep Sandhu is a dynamic epitome who can inspire thousands of people with her exceptional story.

Kiran is an educator at heart, a Certified John Maxwell Leadership coach by profession, and a loving mother who believes in doing the rightful thing. Kiran completed her Post Graduate in Applied Linguistics & TESOL from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. She also possesses a Master’s Degree in Arts from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Kiran grew up in Nepal where she got inspired by her father. Her father Sardar Pritam Singh (an entrepreneur and philanthropist) was always on a mission to change landscapes and build communities. Kiran says she has adopted her father’s principles such as persistence, determination, and nation-building to be part of her life.

For the last two decades, Kiran was on a journey from academics to leadership. She set up her own-entertainment business in Malaysia. In 2021 she established her leadership coaching company called Leadership K.A.R.D. Kiran expressed that she is obsessed with helping individuals in their growth journey and developing their mindset. Let’s hear it in her own words, “I believe the journey of leadership starts with the self. What I thought were wasted efforts turned out to be great experiences. Today, they have become transformational messages and stories that I share with emerging leaders. I started my online coaching/mentoring business in December 2020 to help people during the pandemic to develop a positive mindset through mindset shift coaching, skill development, and public speaking. The initiative is named ‘Mission on the Moon’.

Intriguingly, Kiran’s entrepreneurial journey started in 2012 with a vision to create a safe, secure edu-entertainment. She wanted to merge her core values of providing accessible holistic education by creating a service for the community. However, in 2020, the pandemic hit everyone very hard by putting the educational sector to a halt. So she took this as a new challenge to move her training/mentoring online and enter the e-learning business.

In March 2021, Kiran partnered with three eminent coaches – Asish Datta, Ram Ramakrishna, and Devesh Mohan to build a tribe of emerging leaders under the banner of ‘Leadership K.A.R.D’. The acronym K.A.R.D stands for Knowledge, Accomplish, Reflect, Develop. Kiran believes that she and the Leadership K.A.R.D. The team is on a mission to work along and support emerging leaders to achieve their leadership goals both for personal growth and to achieve team and organisational goals. She further expressed “Our diverse experiences from Corporate and Academics with 100+ years has contributed to our uniqueness. The team at Leadership K.A.R.D have held senior management positions in various industries and traversed the leadership route while embracing many challenges. Leveraging the experience, the team designs actionable and implementable frameworks for emerging leaders for their growth journey.”

When asked how she maintains the equilibrium of her personal and professional lives, Kiran wisely responded. She says she is blessed with a supportive family where each member stands by her in all the ups and downs of life. Her husband, Satinder Singh Sandhu has been a pillar of strength in her wonderful journey. Her three daughters Risha, Riana, and Reeya cite Kiran as Wonderwoman. Which in fact, we all ought to agree. Kiran says that she is surrounded by such inspiring people in her family and that pushes her to keep aiming higher. Whether it is her father, her grandfather, S. Kahan Singh, her sisters, her brother- in laws, her Father-in- law, Mr. Mekanda Singh, mother-in-law, cousins, uncles and aunts. Her family is her strength who have taught her to think big and give back to the community because when you give you receive multifold.

This inspired Kiran to start the ‘Give Back to the Community Foundation’ in 2021. Give Back to the Community is an educational initiative taken to bridge the technological gap and help students in Rural India. In June 2021, Project Enlighten supported 15 visually impaired children with smartphones to aid their education. In August 2021, Project Enable (Super 60) was launched which is currently supporting 65 children from low-income families in rural India through smartphones to deliver online education.

Kiran firmly believes that perfection in life is a myth so be ready to learn by making mistakes because each hurdle gives you the opportunity to learn and grow. She believes that ‘Life is beautiful so enjoy the now’.

Kiran Deep Sandhu has a magnificent piece of advice for our audience. “There are no wasted efforts in life, regardless of success and failure. To succeed you need to be constantly learning while being resilient in order to bounce back. So jump and build your wings on the way down. Once you leap, you will know your growth potential.”

Only someone with a determined mindset can motivate others with such passionate words!

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