Manoj Chawla

An Optimistic Personality with Powerful Business Illuminations

A unique perspective in life can take you places that hard work alone cannot. Manoj Chawla is a living example of this extraordinary truth. Manoj has achieved so much more in life than what meets the eye. He is a charming figure who constantly motivates and drives thousands of young minds to do greater goods in life. This man’s story is something that we all should be aware of.

Manoj Chawla always had a spark of entrepreneurship in him. From his early childhood itself, Manoj used to take part in many business conversations within his family. He was always fascinated by deep thinking, technology, and holistic solutions. He firmly believes that these core values have always encouraged him to run the extra mile.

Manoj holds a degree in economics and engineering science from Trinity College. Manoj is someone who believes in people. He admires the power of working together for a goal and being fully invested in everything that is done. When your team sees you committed, they follow.

He firmly believes that the other “secret sauce” is a simplification. Clarity about the goals and then a systematic approach to implementation makes anything possible. Creating a tribe depends on mutual respect, trust and a shared vision. Only someone with true dedication and zeal can have such a crisp & clear perspective of life.

For Manoj, entrepreneurship is at the heart of change. He takes a holistic approach to things and this joined-up thinking approach allows him to develop new ideas and ways of doing unique things.

Manoj has been part of numerous leading-edge technological advancements. He started the SAP practice for one of the leading consultancies. He developed one of the first and largest Data Warehouse solution which was one of the largest IP applications used to implement a real-time solution that managed thousands of projects worth billions and revolutionized Programme Management by delivering FIRE (flexible interactive reporting environment) in 6 weeks.

“I have learned that clarity of your objective allows you to focus on the essential. Too often we lose sight and can’t separate the wood from the trees. Often, we need to go back to basics and need to take things out and simplify rather than add complexity.”

He invented a unique solution for rolling out low-cost affordable internet. He architected and enabled e-hr in large corporates; He developed one of the first online estate agents, food ordering and delivery apps etc. Manoj sees the opportunities that technology offers to improve the world and loves to bring them to life.

When asked how he deals with work pressure, Manoj replied with insightful enthusiasm. “At the moment I am most excited by the imminent launch of a product that will revolutionize remote video conferencing and online training. I have written my first two books: a complete system to help us prioritize our goals, personal happiness and get ahead in life.” He further said “When work is so rewarding, satisfying, and flexible, it becomes leisure. Any new encounter is a new opportunity to grow and develop.”

He also expressed that business is about following our passions and realizing our dreams. Whether running a store as a teenager to earn extra pocket money or helping the family business, it’s important to love the process of growing.

Manoj says that he has two big passions: seeing his ideas come to life and helping others. Being a positive influence in other people’s lives energizes and inspires him to do more. Building authentic relationships and choosing to trust in others and to see them for who they are is central to his business philosophy. He knows that trust is the lifeblood of every relationship, business or personal.

Manoj Chawla has some delightful advice for our young audience. It is to know yourself, your true values and goals. Once you know these, everything will fall into place. They will instantly help you understand how to prioritize your tasks. and look after yourself – which is essential to attaining your goals and personal happiness.

“We must all be careful that the hole we are digging looking for gold isn’t our grave. Love life. Love fun. Love others. But most importantly, love and look after yourself.”

A magnificent insight from a powerful personality. We all can use these to alter down our harsh realities.

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