Urvish Shah

An Entrepreneur Passionate About the Automobile Sector

Urvish’s passion for the automobile sector shaped his journey into what it has become today. With an immense passion for cars, he began his professional career at the age of 18, opting to make a pathway into the automobile industry. He started as a sales consultant at the Maruti dealership, and with his exceptional performance, he steadily climbed up the professional ladder. He’s always had an innate desire to venture into entrepreneurship, so he mapped out a trajectory towards achieving this goal. Urvish had a clear vision in mind, and after 20 years of gaining rich experience in the industry working in a multitude of dimensions, Urvish decided it was time to pursue his own entrepreneurial journey and that brought him to start his own dealership.

Urvish strongly believes in the adage, “a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. Buying a car is a longterm decision and requires a mutual understanding and trust between customers and dealers. He firmly believes that focussing on customer satisfaction helps him achieve success and sets him apart from his competitors.

Urvish says that every profession has its own challenges, and the automobile sector is no exception. Over the years, he’s learnt and excelled in the technique of having a healthy balance in his professional and personal life. He has a robust support system in his wife, Mrs Bindi Shah, who helps him with the business easing the numerous challenges he encounters professionally. Urvish and Bindi practise to take two recreational trips in a year, spending quality time on weekends and after work to rejuvenate.

With over two decades of experience in the automobile industry, Urvish has become familiar with the intricacies of the industry, and therefore his professional and entrepreneurial inclination is solely focused on the automobile sector. He is passionate and driven by customer satisfaction, which leads him towards achieving higher pedestals and the opportunity to deliver exceptional services to customers every day.

Urvish says the pandemic turned the dimensions of the automobile industry, which proved to be a blessing. He took it as an opportunity to establish a more substantial presence and find a space in the market that people said was shrinking. Due to the pandemic, public transport was severely affected, and the need to buy a car grew further, amplified by the safety concerns surrounding public transportation; these factors, in turn, helped him succeed in otherwise turbulent times. Urvish and his team implemented a robust digital marketing strategy, focussing on establishing a healthy presence on all social platforms to connect directly to the consumers. They emphasized strongly on lead generation and sales conversion through these channels by allocating strategic investments, helping them gain an edge over their competitors.

Urvish is focused on positively contributing towards the economy of the country by ensuring he and his customers are in complete compliance with the taxation laws. They have generated employment by directly employing over 200 people and employing more people indirectly. Moreover, they also actively recruit people via government organized employment exchange programs (Rojgaar Vinimay Kacheri). Urvish has also taken up an initiative sponsoring the education of three female children of his staff that will be joining the future workforce of our country.

Urvish’ immense experience in the industry has helped him excel at workforce handling through its ups and downs, allowing him to make quick and timely decisions. Being a very compassionate individual, he has actively contributed towards many social causes. Since school days, he has tried to be athletic and received training from National Cadet Corps, instilling discipline and sportsman spirit in him from an early age. Urvish had a great interest in volleyball which helped him to actively participate in more than 28 state and district championships during his school and college days. Professionally he has received recognition at a national level as a winner of Sales Skills competition; he’s also received the Best Dealer Award for highest retails, wholesales, customer satisfaction.

Urvish believes that once you put your heart into doing something that makes you feel satisfied and happy, then money and success are things that are meant to follow. He also feels that a person should follow their passion, and when they do, they will not feel their work as a job.

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