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People who chase excellence transform into extraordinary individuals. Yogita Tulsiani is one of those extraordinary people who was always aspired to excel in every area of her life, be it academics, extracurricular activities, or career. An engineer by profession with a degree from the Delhi Insitute of Technology, Yogita is the first female in her family who ventured on an entrepreneurial journey. She also holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business.

After working prestigious jobs in big companies and more than a decade of experience in business development and consulting across various industries in the UK, USA, Europe, and APAC, making the switch to becoming her own boss wasn’t an easy move. As the director of her venture, IXCEED, Yogita is culminating in the various roles she has played in her career so far. Her repertoire includes clientele in the Financial Services, Telecom, Retail, Information Technology, and Learning industries like Genpact Headstrong and HP.

Yogita started her journey in this industry because of the gaps she observes that she decided to fill. She realized that technology was reshaping the economy, and there is a considerable gap in the technology skill market. People were not getting the right jobs as per their skill set and ability. Witnessing such a state of affairs, she decided to create valuable relationships for clients and candidates by providing efficient talent solutions. The bundle of compassion wanted to create value to the ecosystem, generate employment, and touch people’s lives positively.

To differentiate itself from others, IXCEED uses AI and ML-powered talent solutions, revolutionizing the way the industry looks at talent solutions. The company leverages off-shore benefits with total compliance with local laws. The deep-seated local knowledge is the bedrock of its success. Also, the RPO solution runs on stringent processes that result in critical business outcomes for its client. Besides this, IXCEED uses an efficient and robust process to develop solutions in the recruitment space. This action ensures that the company is at the forefront of the innovation curve.

Challenges are a part of everyone’s lives, but only those who contest those challenges endure and burgeon in all aspects of life. Yogita, too, saw several such hurdles along her journey. Some such challenges include low acceptance of women entrepreneurs, the judgment that female entrepreneurs are less competent than their male peers, the perceived bias within the venture finance community, and society’s untrue belief that women possess low entrepreneurial skills.

“I have been judged & criticized for my choices. For example, people said that married women (with kids) shouldn’t really try experimenting with entrepreneurship. They would advise me to focus on helping my husband fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams so that my kids can fulfill theirs.” But Yogita is standing in the face of such advice- Strong, powerful, and successful!

A lover of creativity, freedom, and the drive to explore new things drives Yogita to aim higher. She always wanted to make an impact and has gracefully become one of the most impactful global Indians. Building something from scratch to construct an empire was always on her bucket list, which she has fruitfully accomplished. She draws inspiration from Indira Nooyi and her mother, who contributed to Yogita’s strength, belief, and persistence.

Awards affirm how one is on the right path, and Yogita’s achievements confirm the same. She was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award’ amongst the Top Finalist Super Women of 2021 in DIGILIVE Women’s Award show 2021, The Black Swan award for Women Empowerment – by Asia One. And her list of accomplishments doesn’t end here, the entrepreneur has also bagged CEO of the year 2021 by The CEO Story and named under multiple accomplished CEO list this year, from being under ‘Top 50 fastest growing CEOs to watch’ to standing with ‘Top 4 women leaders Technology pioneers’, ‘Top 4 female entrepreneurs kicking off the startup ecosystem 2021’ and ‘10 Most Inspiring women entrepreneurs to watch globally’, the woman has gone above and beyond.

But the most distinct achievement for this supermom- entrepreneur-woman is when her kids call her “The Best Mom in the World.”

In her message for the readers, Yogita shares an inspiring note, “There is no age to be an entrepreneur. There is no too old or no too young. All you have to do is believe in a dream and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Believing in yourself, when everybody thinks what we dream of is a fairy tale, is the most important thing.”

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