Sagar Amlani

Crafted his own destiny with his productive Mindset, this man is epitome of manifestation and strategic approach to thrive out of scarcity

Tackling down vulnerable situations and rising up like a phoenix bird is what Sagar Amlani’s story is all about. Sagar was born in a humble Gujarati family and grew up in the utterly famous slums of Mumbai. His father was a small cloth trader, and his mother was a private tuition teacher. He is from a typical middle-class family that worked really hard to make both ends meet. Scarcity of resources was usual during those days; it taught him the most critical lessons in life. To identify and manage the available resources well. Many things demanded precision, planning, and execution. From quarterly roof cleaning to the monthly drinking water tank cleaning; Sagar had no hesitation to perform complex life tasks. These experiences acted as early foundations for him to be christened as the Productivity Explorer of today. Sagar has a charismatic influence on many youngsters who are looking forward to eradicating the obstacles of life.

Talking about his academic achievements, Sagar Amlani did his ePGDM in Strategic Management from IIM Kozhikode. Did his MBA from Middlesex University London and also holds a Chartered Chemical Engineering degree. Apart from that, he has certifications such as Lead Auditor (ISO 9001), Internal Auditor (IATF), Certified Trainer (5s, Kaizen, Six Sigma – GB), and TRIZ from IIT Mumbai.

Sagar’s business journey started when he associated with various family-owned businesses. He worked at various positions like Trainee, Manager, and Assisting Technical Director before becoming Vice President. Each business had some shortcomings. Some had high market outstanding, low margins, high COPQ, high iterations, low gratitude, lack of ownership & accountability. While others had weak governance practices, lack of quality management systems, overlapping responsibilities, and nano to micromanagement. When consolidated, this all led to low employee morale. Hence, reduced the growth of the organization. While working at a senior position in the last two organizations, Sagar was able to create an autonomous work culture by building a productivity mindset within the organization. During Covid -19 in August 2020, Sagar decided to take the leap of faith. He figured out something to serve many more family-owned businesses. It resolved the existing issues and helped them to achieve the Zenith of Productivity. That is how ZAPRO Consultants was born in Oct 2020.

When asked how he maintains equilibrium in his professional and personal life, Sagar answered with a pleasant smile. He says, having worked with various entrepreneurs, he learned that they regret not spending enough time with family. Hence he tries to spend quality time with his family. He further added, Enjoy challenges that life throws at you. Be it leaking roof or water seeping from the floor. Gratitude for every little thing that you have offers you ample strength to keep fighting. He strongly believes that when you start seeing challenges as opportunities to act differently, success will automatically follow. Sagar is also the author of the Book “At the Crossroads of Life”. It shares his journey from Mumbai to London and highlights how he worked as a litter picker and finally landed his dream job due to the core values instilled in him. As a “Productivity Explorer” Sagar believes that everyone has the spark of Productivity awaiting to be discovered and acknowledged.

That being said, Sagar believes MSME is the backbone of the Indian Economy. Working with MSME, to create an autonomous work culture and build a productivity mindset will impact millions of lives. He is on a mission to support such MSME and family-owned businesses to build a sustainable future.

Sagar’s famous LinkedIn live series for Building Productivity Mindset can be viewed at https://youtube. com/c/SagarAmlani.

Sagar Amlani’s next book shares the mantra to achieve such beautiful ambitions. Sagar is a person who turned his life around and he wants the same for every ambitious kid out there. He supports an orphanage and provides resources for such kids so that they can become the leaders of a better tomorrow. He believes we are all on a journey and on the journey, we constantly need motivation. Creating milestones and reviewing them keeps you in check. Celebrating small victories will fuel motivation. It will also help you re-calibrate toward the zenith.

With a productive mindset, focus, and utilization of the available resources ~ anybody can turn their life around. Even if the odds are not in favor of you. Sagar Amlani is a true epitome of this.

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