Sarbari Dutta

A Woman who Created her Own League

Educators possess creative and human simplicity, the kinds that know the meaning of balance, passion, and conviction. Sarbari Dutta is a one-of-a-kind global Indian who reflects the aforementioned thought. Growing up, she had very few friends she could count upon, but her real strength was her parents, with whom she shared a dynamic bond. She was a serious kid who enjoyed partaking in creative activities like art and crafts.

Sabari’s goal was to crack the medical entrance exam inspired by her veterinarian father, but she couldn’t despite being strong-willed and hardworking about this choice. “I was in a total roadblock state of mind and my mother became the blind`s stick, who suggested me to join college. I took up B.Sc. in Zoology while still focusing on preparing for JEE.” The outcome wasn’t a favorable one- she couldn’t clear the medical exam on the second attempt and had low scores in graduation due to divided focus.

In 1999, Sabari’s life changed after her mother’s sudden demise soon after her graduation. That was that. She dropped the dream of clearing medical or studying further and took up a job as a Medical Representative at Glaxo, where she thrived with her father’s support. Sadly, she lost him too in 2001.

Sarbari temporarily halted her career to invest in a beautiful marriage and family but still ended up creating a success story after all! Today, she is a Success Coach, Author, and Founder of Memyselfmom and Alpha Schools of Life Skills.

It all started after this determined lady crossed two cherishing milestones, her two children. Sarbari resumed her career as a pre-primary teacher and then never looked back! “Being a teacher, my creativity, my adherence towards sharing knowledge, and bringing a positive change in someone’s life drove me. I completed my B.Ed., got certified in child psychology and coaching and NLP,” she expresses.

While teaching young children, the idea of building her school, where she could design a holistic curriculum and contribute more extensively to children’s lives struck Sarbari. The first step towards fulfilling her goal started with the opportunity of heading a pre-primary school in Navi Mumbai. This exposure helped Sarbari absorb and become calmer, wiser, and stronger to encounter challenges.

Call it God’s positive intervention or her ignited spirit, but her dream came true with the inauguration of her venture, Koncept Learning, in 2018. It further led to the fulfillment of Sarbari, and her husband, Saikat Dutta’s combined dream of inaugurating Alpha School of Life Skills. The organization is a women-led organization with co-founders Ms. Rama Bhide and Sowmya Santoshini, who envision empowering today’s youth with Life Skills education. She and her cofounders believe that skill development will create more employment opportunities for the youth, as emphasized by different national and international bodies- WHO, UNESCO, and NEP.

Sharing more about her business strategy, Sarbari says, “As a first-generation entrepreneur and that too starting up in the noblest segment, i.e., the education industry, our prime objective was to give 100% attention to research and development. We met industry experts to gather insights and value to the Life Skills curriculum we wanted to implement.”

A firm believer in living life to the fullest, Sarbari is consistently advancing by prioritizing authenticity and creating brand value amongst all the stakeholders. Although, she did and sometimes still has to struggle with managing her time. But like they say, that learning is a lifelong process, and she ensures she learns time management with experience. Even the pandemic couldn’t break this woman who created her own league. She took it in the stride of working on broadening her perspective and business structure.

Sarbari is in unconditional love with her projects Koncept and Alpha but hasn’t stopped there. “Out of the same love, I have recently launched my new venture, Memyselfmom, a mompreneurs` network. We intend to provide a platform/ community for mothers aspiring to strike a difference in their life, inspire, and encourage other moms.”

Women Power Summit & Awards 2021 by Billennium Divas Pvt. Ltd recently recognized Sarbari as among the top three winners in the “Women Power Young Entrepreneur” category. She also won the Woman Start-up Entrepreneur Award 2020 and was recognized by Business Mint and Forbes Digital Magazine with Nationwide Entrepreneur Award -2020 and Emerging Entrepreneur 2020, respectively.

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