Vandana Kohli

A woman of Inner Power and Passion who believes – “Without dreams, there can be no courage. And without courage, there can be no action.”

Born in a small city in the state of Punjab, Vandana Kohli is a graduate of Arts and Kathak. She was married to Rajnish Kohli and started her journey as a homemaker. A loving mother of three beautiful daughters, Vandana was also a pillar of support to her husband.

Over the years, she pursued her professional dreams as a fashion designer, entrepreneur and most recently, Holistic Coach and Lifestyle Mentor. In 2002, she established her label ‘House of Vandana Raj’ – a designer boutique for women’s wear. This was the beginning of a new era as an entrepreneur. The journey wasn’t easy, but her strong-mind and strong-will power never let her give up. After this, she started a new venture in 2007, a design & construction Company under the name of – VRep Construction & Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Her journey to Self-Discovery and Healing began 25 years ago under the guidance of spiritual gurus, mentors, and reputed institutions. Known for her generosity, she wanted to share this rich wealth of knowledge with everyone. She launched Find My ‘ME’ in 2020 to create a platform for mentoring others towards Self- Discovery, Self-Awareness, and Self-Healing.

As a homemaker, she always believed in creating a warm, healthy, and a loving atmosphere. She’s always had a creative mind and a sense of style, her eagerness to learn new things, has helped her embrace success with a lot of gratitude. Vandana has always had a strong connection with divine power increasing her confidence in every undertaking; however, Discipline and Determination has always been her secret to success. Guided by the philosophy, “Have Business in the Heart and Heart in the Business”.

After the passing of her husband in 2002, as a single parent, Vandana stood firm, as her passion turned into survival for her children and herself. Starting her business from home, her children have always been her top priority. She weathered the initial struggle with clients and handling her team; eventually, she started loving what she was doing and managed the show efficiently.

It’s been 20 years working with the same team; today, they are more like her soldiers & extended families. Even with her construction business, bonding between directors and employees is more like family. The main highlight of both her businesses is Teamwork, Customer relationship, Customer satisfaction and Timely delivery.

Covid had a significant impact on her business; with no festivals, no weddings, no projects, everything seemed to be standstill. Social media was beneficial at that time to build their branding and positioning; however, in construction with postponed projects they had no work at all. With delayed projects, staying positive and believing in her abilities helped her make it through. Vandana believes that entrepreneurs contribute on a much larger scale, adding value to the economy. As an entrepreneur, she has contributed to the country’s economy in multiple ways.

Vandana’s accomplishments are many; In 2017 she received the Achievers Award for Women Entrepreneur – Bangkok and Zee Awards for Industrial Commerce in Mumbai.

In 2018, she received the Vocational Excellence Award by Rotary Club Bangalore and the Independent Women’s Achievers Award by KWAA Bangalore.

Her articles came in many magazines like Femina, Sattva, & in many other construction magazines.

In addition to this, ‘House of Vandana Raj has participated in prestigious fashion events like Bangalore Fashion Week and Kinwa Fashion Week, where they showcased their various collections like, ‘Kadambari ,’ ‘Meri Beti, and ‘Harnoli’ Collections.

Today, she is at this juncture in her life where she has achieved something that she never thought she would. During the tough time of pandemic, Vandana got an opportunity to understand her strengths and weaknesses, giving her clarity of her IKIGAI, a reason to live; She got an answer for her ‘WHY’! She used this downtime constructively to achieve her dream of being a successful author, publishing her first book Find My ‘Me’. FM’M’ talks about the emotions and feelings, in every phase of life. The book revolves around her life story that how she has worked towards her Self – Healing and what lessons she has learned.

Vandana is on a mission to help others discover the true version of themselves by achieving Inner Peace, Inner Health, Love, Faith, and success in every sphere of their life.

‘Sometimes in life one idea, one message, one step can change the Life Path and we need to be prepared for it’

She strongly believes ‘To Live is more important than to only exist’ and looks forward to helping people discover who they really are.

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