Karishma Chhatrapati

A mindset transformation coach, author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur shares her fundamentals of living a mindful life

One of the significant achievements in life is taking over your fears, and your journey from getting thrown on the edge of life to overcoming those roadblocks. Karishma Chhatrapati is one such epitome of resilience, who keeps coming back on the track of life, dealing with multiple impediments.

Founder of Being Spiritual with KUC and co-founder of Fitza Pvt Ltd, Karishma Chhatrapati was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 16, in 1991, when the name itself was a social stigma. Keeping it a secret by family carved a deep impression on her young mind. And in years to come, juggling between her parents’ separation, her called off engagement, and financial crisis left her devastated when she dealt with suicidal depression.

Karishma started off as a journalist and progressed on to being an editor at a leading publication house, commanding multiple verticals of magazines and established their in-house books division. She simultaneously pursued her Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling. The constant hustle between Counselling, Training, Editing, Writing, and actively volunteering with the Art of Living Foundation never seemed enough for her. Then in 2008, Karishma immersed herself completely to her deep-rooted passion Coaching, Psychotherapy, and Counselling.

Karishma was invited to cofound Fitza Pvt Ltd, in 2020, with a vision to inspire people to transform from within. Fitza is designed to be a Digital Wellness Buddy, placing one’s day into a systematic routine of nutrition and wellness. Based on the principle of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras that routine and discipline are the foundation of liberation, this implies to living a mindful lifestyle too, as we free ourselves from the bondage of disease.

Fitza’s Integrative Wellness Intervention System is designed to help people manage chronic ailments better through. At Fitza the base is reprogramming the mindset to overcome self-sabotaging habits and patterns to set healthy one into a healthy system of living. Karishma believes that without an Integrative Wellness Integration System, people fall off the wagon when enrolling for a nutrition plan, as they lack motivation.

As a Mindset Transformation Coach, Karishma believes, “When we overcome our personal limitations and stop taking other people’s words and behaviour personally, understanding that they are enacting their own drama – it’s about them and not us. we step out of our own way. We are then inspired to bring our best to every moment of the day, be it personally or professionally.”

That said, her “Every challenge is an opportunity to grow, evolve and mature” stance is backed by the support from her husband, Udit; and stepson, Harsh. “I have an extremely supportive husband, who is the wind beneath my wings. And my stepson Harsh, is my confidante, critique, and motivator. Harsh has played an extremely important role ensuring that I keep myself fit and healthy. We are a family that respects each other’s individuality and encourage each other to excel in our respective fields. We walk 3 different career paths that begins from the same source. So, I guess the harmony at home, encourages the passion at work,” she explains.

She summarizes her mantra for success, “Breathe into every pause, flow with the process, inspire, thrive, and be passionately purposeful. You are here to leave back a legacy; make it memorable.”

Karishma finds her appetite for business in effective strategy and vision, which she doesn’t fail to assemble. She expresses, “Every business is driven by underlying purpose. Businesses without vision and purpose fade away. For me, my purpose is what drives my business acumen. After all, where attention goes energy flows.”

She is also a Life Skill & Mindfulness Associate with Innershya; facilitating workshops and courses related to mental and emotional health, in order to help young ones, grow into thriving citizens of tomorrow.

Karishma summarizes her actual turn of events during the Covid-19 pandemic, when immunity became the buzzword. The world was seeing a transition and mental health and mindset programming became mainstream conversations. Karishma says, “I felt I have a bigger role to play and so I founded Being Spiritual with KUC, which I wish to nurture into a global community. As much as KUC is an acronym for Karishma Udit Chhatrapati, it actually stands for 3 sides of the triangle – Kindness, Understanding, Compassion.”

Karishma’s mission statement sums up her purpose: “I aspire to inspire actualization of self-driven purpose and passion to heal our world.”

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