Kalyan Reddy Ejjula

A seasoned, result-oriented, an award-winning architect with out-of-the-box thinking

A seasoned architect, Kalyan Reddy Ejjula is known for his built, theoretical and creative work. Skilled in Master Planning, Urban Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design & Construction Management, he has handled over three hundred high-rise projects built over a revolutionary experience, experimentation, and research of twenty-five years. Step-by-step, and company by company, he attained the dynamism needed to set up his firm and to handle his own projects. This confidence led to the evolution of the firm, which he fondly calls his “new journey” titled Studio Infinite.

Studio Infinite offers endto- end architectural design solutions for High-rise & non-high rise Residential projects, Gated communities, Villas, Commercial buildings, Service apartments, Super Specialty Hospitals, and more in and around Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Studio Infinite currently offers a range of services, including architectural designing, structural engineering, infrastructure project management, and are venturing into interior designing.

This time-served man always dreamed of being his own boss. “It took a lot of and time & experience to understand the nitty-gritty of running a successful business without compromising on the services offered.” Today, Studio Infinite offers design services to multiple clients of high reputation and handles large-scale architectural projects to the tune of 20 million sq-ft of built-up area in just three years. Owing to the firms outstanding work over last three years, the firm received the prestigious Awards at the Architecture & Interiors Excellence awards & conference 2021 for outstanding Architecture and Interior design firm of the year 2021 Telangana under the category of “High-rise Premium residential projects & creative Design approach”; Indian Achievers’ award 2021 in recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement in Architecture & contribution in Nation Building; and for Innovation in Highrise Residential apartment designing at Eldrok India Architecture Summit 2021.

Kalyan approaches people, architecture, and the environment as interlinking identities. Adding more about his business strategy, he says, “I offer innovation in my designs and follow it up with timely, efficient services to ensure successful completion of the project.”

As it commonly is, maintaining a work-life balance is also significant for Kalyan, who trusts in assessing the importance and priority of each on a daily basis. He also manages it by sensitizing the family members to his profession and its demands.

He persistently relies on agility, innovation, collaboration, customer centricity, uncompromising integrity and social responsibility as its core values to deliver value to customers. Kalyan is determined to offer sustainable solutions to build an environment for people and businesses in possible reach, fostering eco-friendly designs, balancing creativity and affordability, and respecting social & cultural needs. Of course, the pandemic did come in the way of achieving these goals since most construction projects took a significant hit during this time. But his leadership skills and proficiency, that also account for his fortes, successfully molded into the work-from-home pattern by providing to the team with everything needed.

With an admirable messianic zeal about what he does, he says, “The architecture studio started based on a very simple idea- if a building can feel like it naturally “belongs,” or fits logically in a place, to an environment, a time and culture, then the people that inhabit the building will likely feel a sense of belonging as well. This methodology connects theories of beauty, confidence, economy, and comfort.”

Considering his mantra of honoring commitments, Kalyan strongly believes that success follows commitments and that a beautiful project is delivered through good service, detailed drawings, and specifications with excellent project management.

Result-oriented and an out-of-the-box thinker, Kalyan Reddy has some words of enlightenment for fellow architects, “It’s our culture that sustains us. We are majorly a pure reflection of three things: our talented staff, our involved clients, and those cool things we create in our minds, on our screens, in documents, and best of all, in the field during construction. Architecture, Master Planning, Urban Design, Interiors, Environmental design, it all springs from our community of culture, who we are and how we do it.”

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