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Learning is a ceaseless process. Those who make learning a part of their life, personality, and decisions embrace a qualitative life and productive working pattern. Jimmy K Mody, a trained psychotherapist, is among those who believe in this ideology. Born to Kali H Mody, Jimmy completed his education at the Doon School, Dehradun. In 1975, he endured not one but two fatal automobile accidents in just one day. Unfortunately, the first of these series of accidents led to the sad demise of his younger brother.

Life goes on, and no matter the amount of pain, we have to ultimately move on from it. Jimmy, too, progressed in life and grew into a successful entrepreneur. But the fact that he wanted to give back to society urged him to choose different paths years later. “I went for a mid-life career change and decided to go back to studying and train in psychotherapy. The idea was to do something for the society than just becoming yet another great moneymaker,” he says.

After pursuing the required training, Jimmy went on to provide therapy for those in need, only to become one of the finest and most skilled psychotherapists in individual and group therapy. He derived the inspiration for this achievement with a simple strategy- to be among the best. Despite having come this far in life, the now seventy-year-young Jimmy is a grounded man who keeps his appetite for work to a bare minimum. He prefers devoting his time and focus on being there for people and learning something each day.

Today, Jimmy hurdles forward in his profession with the desire to reach out to as many people as he can to help them discover and realize their true potential- the potential of living and potential in their careers. He is exceptionally passionate about educating people with a message that could inject one with some hope. “Instead of fearing differences or running from them, let’s learn to learn and grow from them instead.”

Continuously challenging himself to do and learn something new, Jimmy Mody got accustomed to the online world during the pandemic. A forever learner, Jimmy became proficient with using a laptop, which opened the doors for more work than before. “People found it easier to consult me on the phone or by zoom rather than to trudge all the way across to my office/clinic as they used to.” Although, he also gave his clients the choice of meeting him personally for their sessions. “This I could do only on a selective basis in more safe times,” he adds.

Jimmy has encountered and resolved several challenges throughout his career, but he ensured prioritizing his internal struggles with other work-life challenges. He continually worked towards focusing on his spiritual growth, developing self-awareness, learning how to observe himself & others, learning how to differentiate between observations and assumptions, and learning from relationships.

Drawing from his learnings and experiences, Jimmy Mody authored of two books. First one is ‘Journey Beyond’ & Second one is- ‘Celebrating Differences, Wisdom through Relationships’.

He has also written and published several papers in international peer reviewed journals. He was a guest speaker at Dubai Mental Health conference in 2018, and in Tokyo in 2019. his first book- Celebrating Differences, Wisdom from Relationships. Later, he also published his first peer-reviewed paper on Redefining the value of Relationships.

Over the years, observation skills and self-awareness became Jimmy’s strengths, which have extensively contributed towards his success. Although, he believes that his ego is something that several times comes in the way of working and attributes it as one of his weaknesses.

With the mantra “Learning is not the means to the end, it is the end, the goal,” Jimmy Mody has attained a lot of success and recognition in life, making him one of the most admired global Indians today. His life story, decisions, and thoughts are in itself an encouragement to make “learning” a part of one’s personality than just an inclination.

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