Jatin Detwani

A Zealous Entrepreneur Living the Dream Life

Jatin Detwani has come a long way ~ from a middle-class family to inspiring millions of young souls to achieve their dreams. While growing up, Jatin and his family’s financial situation was very tight. It was due to the significant losses in the family business. From a very young age, Jatin helped his father and brother in their micro business. However, he hated it at the time because his friends and cousins used to play after school while he had to work. Seeing his father and brother working for 14-18 hours a day, little Jatin realized the value of ‘hard work’ in life. This early and harsh reality of life also motivated him to study sincerely, work hard and change the financial struggles of his family. This strong passion helped him to become a Chartered Accountant on the very first attempt, where generally the success rate was only 2%. Later, it also helped Jatin Detwani to get admission to the world’s top business school ‘INSEAD’.

As destiny would have it, in his first job at Luthra & Luthra, Jatin became one of the youngest to make partners in the long history of the firm. As a partner, he managed various clients and was responsible for a P&L/semi-business unit of his own as a quasi-entrepreneur working in a mid-size firm. This is how the spark to become an entrepreneur originated in Jatin.

Coming to his family, Jatin considers himself extremely lucky to have an understanding circle of friends and family. His wife Megha has always supported him in all his crazy endeavors. His parents and siblings have always believed in him and supported him in things that seemed impossible at the start.

Jatin narrated an astounding story from his childhood, Let’s have him narrate it. “Many years ago, one of my professors in business school shared that we all are mostly juggling between 2 balls in our life. The First ball is a ‘glass’ ball that represents personal life, health, and family – if one drops this, it mostly breaks and is difficult to restore. the Second ball is a ‘rubber’ ball which represents professional life – if this drops it is usually temporary and could bounce back.”

In the early years of my career, he was naïve and focused mostly on the rubber ball and ignored the glass ball. As he matured, Jatin always tried to ensure that the glass ball is always secure and prioritized over the rubber ball. However, he has gotten better over the years but is still learning.

During Covid 19, while working from home, Jatin got ample time to self-reflect in his meditations that he needs to take the plunge to be an entrepreneur. After thinking about it for a few weeks and discussing it with his wife, they decided there would never be a perfect time. So, he took the leap of faith and jumped in! Fast forward 12 months, Jatin believes he could have done it sooner!

Fortunately, Jatin’s business has been growing rapidly over the last 1 year. In 2021 they have grown by 20-30% every month. Jatin’s target for 2022 and the next few years is to grow 500% year on year. He and his team are passionate and committed to achieving these targets.

When asked what motivates him to keep going? Jatin replied, “Getting up every morning and realizing that we are helping several other entrepreneurs and fast-growing businesses in Asia is what drives me. In the last year, we have worked with multiple fast-growing businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors to help them grow their businesses significantly.”

Taking a look at Jatin’s achievements, over the last 20 years of his professional career, he has had some milestones including being one of the youngest partners at Luthra & Luthra. He was also awarded the greatest CFO and has worked for leading global businesses.

Jatin Detwani was more than happy to give a piece of influential advice to our audience. “Work hard, don’t ever give up, go after your dreams even if they seem impossible. Try to become self-aware and conquer your mind and thoughts – that’s more than half the job done!” Something we all can use to get us going.

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