Hardik Kalpdev Pandya

Altered the reality by manifesting the power of subconscious.

Never Give up, Spread Positivity Around the Globe, And Life is a Festival. These are the three fundamental values that Mr. Hardik KalpDev Pandya (India’s first Specially Abled Mind Coach) strives on. Hardik was born with a Spina Bifida condition in which his lower body doesn’t have any kind of sensation. Within the first eleven months after his birth, he’s been through two major surgeries and the doctors were not certain about his health condition. Hardik does not believe in being handicapped, but being “specially-abled” due to the fact that God has given him a particular ability to think, feel, and have passion. In the year 2005, when Hardik was 16, he lost his mother. He claims that God has sent him the message that his mother has given her life in order to extend his life. Within nine months of the death of his mother in 2006, Hardik’s kidneys had been damaged and his long-painful dialysis journey began.

After Hardik’s mother’s death, his father has been his backbone support. Hardik’s father Mr. Devendra Pandya fought so hard to make him feel confident and strong. His father also ensured that Hardik did not have to worry about society and instead be a helper to the community. This is what Hardik has been doing for last 4 years. In his own words, “Many people are aware of their subconscious mind’s capabilities but do not know how to train them and attain goals in life effectively.” However, Hardik Kalpdev Pandya precisely performs that.

Hardik considers himself privileged for being trained with many Gurus. It took him more than 3 years to develop his mind and achieve this level of success. Through his programs for mind training, Hardik has helped to create positive thinking in a lot of people. The enlightening lifestyle has made a significant difference in the lives of many. Hardik KalpDev Pandya proudly says that he helps people understand how to create their lives as festival and enjoy it to the fullest.

Mr. Hardik has been inspired by his mother’s sacrifices of life and his father’s sacrifice of his dreams and desires to fulfil Hardik’s dreams and make him independent. This is why Hardik introduces himself always “Hardik KalpDev Pandya” because he wants to immortalize his parents’ names. The name of his mother is Kalpana Pandya, and his father’s name is Devendra Pandya. He, therefore, kept “Kalp” of his mom’s name, and “Dev” of his father’s, and created his middle name “KalpDev”. He wants to be famous under his parent’s name “KalpDev”. He believes that the accomplishments he has achieved were only made possible by his parents. Recognizing the sacrifices made by his parents, he set out to have a successful life and make them proud. He worked hard and earned a bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit language. He would go to exams from dialysis centers to an exam center during the time of his tests. While juggling dialysis and study, he never lost his optimism of life and enthusiasm for studying. He was determined to fight the circumstances and won the fight astonishingly.

In September 2017, he was introduced to his first Guru/ mentor Shri Hardik Nikunj Yognik. His life dramatically changed when he originated to be a motivator and speaker. Later, he began working on it as a professional in this field. And he met another two gurus Shri Sudarshan Sabat and Dr. M V Priyank who added a great value to Hardik’s life with their training and knowledge. Now, Hardik is a certified counselor and aura healer too. Hardik states that his goal is to provide aid to needy people and to share his values all over the world So far, he has conducted thirty successful webinars and seminars. He has delivered his motivational talk to the U.S, the U.K., and many other countries audience via webinar. He has been awarded prizes such as India’s first Divyang Mind Trainer, Divyang Ratna Award 2020, First-ever Male specially abled Mind Coach & Rising Star Of The Year 2021.

Hardik continues his adventurous journey of spreading positivity and inspiring others to manifest their weaknesses into strengths by the power of subconscious mind.

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