Gurpreet Kaur Mann

An exemplar Entrepreneur & HR Superhero

There are times when your life seems devastated and you start to actually believe nothing’s going to work out the way you wanted it to be. Well, Gurpreet Mann is a phenomenal legend who flew out from ashes to achieve success, like a vibrant Phoenix bird.

Gurpreet Mann’s HR journey started from a family business. While she was trying to land her first job after graduation, she was also helping her uncle in their family business. This was the period that originated the spark of HR in Gurpreet. She loved the way how HR is integrated into any business. It’s crucial because it discovers new talents that can turn the business around.

Academically, Gurpreet holds a Bachelor’s Commerce Degree in Information Technology Management. In which, she majorly focused on the Information Technology part and how to leverage it in the business world. However, Gurpreet’s roots in business sprouted even before that. Her dad was a business owner in Canada. He started his business in 1984, and he kept just growing it up from one business. Later, he opened complementary businesses along with it.

Gurpreet’s first boss in HR, Barry, always believed that she was born to be an entrepreneur, so he told her not to waste her time and start a business of her own. Gurpreet on the other side had a clear perspective of what to do, as she did not want to rush into things. She wanted to attain real-time management skills and hence landed her first job. Intriguingly, like every other successful person ~ she also kept her side hustle alive.

Gurpreet started her first side hustle business in early 2008 of Indian artificial jewelry. Her sister and friend became her partners in this venture. They leveraged Facebook to get the word out. And they got it off the ground from the basement of her sister’s house. It was a niche market targeting women of a certain age. Eventually, they ventured into Bridal jewelry. This is the period when Gurpreet got married and got a business idea to create custom bridal jewels in Canada itself. Unfortunately, she had to encounter a tough phase in life and had to get divorced. As a lot was going on in her life during this period, she lost her business as well. However as one would expect, Gurpreet was not someone who easily gives up. She knew “when going gets tough, the tough get going”. It was just a turning point for what was about to come.

After much contemplation, in 2013 Gurpreet decided to dedicate her entire time to entrepreneurship. So she went into the niche market and created her own travel planning service company called ‘Escape Destination Planning’. She also relaunched her HR consulting service and never had to look back ever since. Eventually, she let go of her travel planning service to solely focus on HR consulting.

Today, Gurpreet Mann is a highly influential Linkedin content creator and marketer. Gurpreet firmly believes that Linkedin is the ideal platform to get inbound leads and potential clients. She says, “I just started using my voice on LinkedIn through post content writing. That’s when the magic started to happen, where potential clients were reaching out to me. I haven’t ever done any kind of cold calling or outreach. I get all my potential clients through LinkedIn for both my HR consulting as well as coaching business. So if you focus on a brand-building strategy then you will land clients even without reaching out to them.”

Gurpreet is planning on launching another business in 2022. It’s going to be all about brand building and marketing on LinkedIn for small businesses. As of last year, she also got into healing which is more of an energy cleansing meditation. It helps her to stay laser-sharp-focused in life.

When asked, What drives her to keep working? – Gurpreet replied exceptionally. The three major factors that keep her going are ‘the rush of figuring things out, how to launch something new, and how to get a business off the ground.’ She has worked in a lot of small businesses which are in their start-up phases.

Gurpreet Mann has a piece of phenomenal advice for our young audience. She believes everything in our life is determined by who we are. So it is crucial to have self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-confidence. Work through your fears. Start embracing the rush of building something new instead of giving importance to just results.

What a remarkable perspective to achieve what seems to be impossible!!

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