Dr. Rashi Gupta

A Brilliant Mind and a flamboyant Leader

Steve Jobs has said it right, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” A person with ordinary skills does not comply with this capacity. Dr. Gupta is someone with a distinctive style of leadership.

Multi-skilled, beneficent, and resilient, Dr. Gupta is a truly remarkable woman. She is amongst the group of people who can multi-task between being a dentist and a dynamic entrepreneur. Some people are born achievers, Dr. Gupta resonates with this line. Ever since she set foot in Australia to pursue her career as a dentist she had a clear vision of being exemplar with her skills. She went on further to work as a dentist for a few years and later bought one of the oldest dental practices in regional Victoria Australia.

Presently, Dr. Gupta holds management positions in multiple dental practices, wherein Norlane Dental Surgery is one of the most renowned ,modern surgery with the latest medical technology with utmost automation.

Additionally, she is also managing multiple businesses with her husband, “We’re currently constructing one of the region’s biggest healthcare hubs, a set of facilities including one of the largest dental practices, a large medical centre with allied health facilities, a Day Surgery, a Montessori Childcare Centre and a Café.”

Dr. Gupta completed her degree in India in 2000 and arrived in Australia four years later. After getting married to her soulmate, she entered the business world. Being a newbie, she had to learn from the ground up whilst married and with a toddler, in a completely new country with its own culture. Gupta was seen working diligently all day and night for almost two years to understand the intricacies of the business.

Challenges are the seeds that help up bring out the toughness and strength within ourselves Dr. Gupta has faced and overcome huge challenges, which is why she is an incredible role model for women. “Management and the actual running of the businesses was not my strength. I initially had to work very hard to overcome this weakness. I did multiple management courses related to how to run businesses, people management issues, financials, marketing, and the list goes on! Also, I think being a woman upgrading skills also was very challenging. I had to leave my kids at home and travel to USA, Columbia, and interstate for my studies.”

Dr. Gupta finds sheer delight in inspiring the women in business and giving back to society for making her the powerful woman she is today. Elucidating her experience, she says “I think a decade ago, I really found it hard to work in the corporate world as a woman. People today are more accepting of women as leaders. I must say even now a lot of effort goes into proving yourself and putting your point across. From personal experience within my field, women are doing as well as men in dentistry…”

It takes confidence to take sizeable steps to achieve a dream, Dr. Gupta ventured her inspiration from one of the greatest leaders of Indian history Indira Gandhi, “She was highly intelligent, charismatic to a fault, and a decision-maker come-whatmay…” Following her path, Dr. Gupta paved her way with immense confidence in herself “Ignore the non-believers and keep on, whilst making measurable and concrete milestones on the way to your goals. I believe a personal journal is of great value for keeping track of these.”

Entrepreneurs remain on the lookout to escalate their position in the industry. Dr. Gupta puts forth her formula to accomplish this, “If you give others enough of what they want, you will get more than enough of what you would ever want, I live by this mantra. I have wished for things that seemed impossible at the time I wrote them down but they all came true with sheer hard work and passion. Just keep going in spite of inner doubts”

A woman with such tremendous visions and achievements, especially in the health industry, is most fitting for plentiful recognitions. Some of her sea of awards include the Best dentist in the region from the last 3 years, moreover, she has also been listed for the Business Leader of the year award in 2021,she was also featured on the cover page of the Australian ‘BITE” magazine.

As phenomenal as her ideologies sound, Dr. Gupta’s spellbinding tips on becoming an influential leader continue to inspire many. “Do not underestimate yourself, no one will come and shape your life – you have to. Once you do decide to though, you will be amazed by the amount of support you will be given.”

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