Dr. Charryse Johnson

Promoting the Path of Wellness Founder/ Mental Health Consultant / Speaker / Author

As a leading Psychotherapist, Mental Health Consultant, Speaker and Author, the influential Dr. Charryse Johnson is a promoter of holistic wellness. Her passion is rooted in the belief that our past only holds the power we have relinquished – it is only meant to be a place of reference and not a place of residence.

The early years of Dr. Johnson’s life were marked by constant change and uncertainty. She attended a different school every year until entering high school. Attending college offered stability and proved to be the turning point that set her life course in motion. During her time at Lee University, Dr. Johnson was mentored by teachers and faculty and given leadership opportunities that helped her recognize the impact she could have in the lives of others. Dr. Johnson recalls, “Even as a young adult student, I had a heart for those in need and a passion to help others turn their pain into purpose.”

Speaking about what led her to the field of mental health, she says, “When I encountered individuals living far beneath their potential, I found they blamed their experiences instead of their effort. This fueled my desire to help people embrace the relentless pursuit of learning and unlearning. Growth requires both intention and personal responsibility. We must own our story and explore any patterns that maintain cycles of defeat, because we repeat what we don’t repair.”

After working for years as a psychotherapist, Dr. Johnson founded ‘Jade Integrative Counseling and Wellness’, to offer individuals and families comprehensive and collaborative support and care. Over the last fifteen years, she has had the privilege of helping hundreds of individuals navigate the space between struggle and strength. She’s watched them step outside their comfort zone, do the work, and experience unimaginable growth and sustainable change.

As a passionate community advocate, Dr .Johnson consistently serves as an Expert Mental Health Consultant supporting WBTV, Queen City News, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. She is an expert panelist for HER Health Collective and has contributed to published works supporting organizations such as The Carolinian Newspaper, Ragan Communications, and Atlassian.com. In 2021, she collaborated with My Vinyasa Practice, and helped develop and facilitate The Enrich Program: Courageous Conversations on Self, Yoga & Social Justice. The year also led her to become a Founding Board Member of Leaves from Stella, a nonprofit organization that supports young adults who have lost a parent or sibling.

Dr. Johnson is a much sought-after Speaker and panelist at summits around the world. She presents on topics such as corporate wellness, mental health, antiracism, parenting and family. Dr. Johnson is the podcast host of “Live Life with Ease” and “Our Hidden Stories”, and in August 2021, published a best-selling book – Expired Mindsets: Releasing Patterns that No Longer Serve You Well.

When asked what has been the most significant challenge in your journey, Dr. Johnson expressed, “As women we contend with a wide range of challenges. For example, I operate in a field where only 6 percent of mental health clinicians are black women. When I enter the room, I will be in the minority and viewed through a continuum of stereotypes. If I am direct, it can be viewed as harsh, or if I am driven this can be seen as aggressive or competitive. I have learned to take confidence in what I know about myself, and the only competition is ‘Me vs. Me’. I’m not afraid to defy social expectations and doing so has allowed me to create my own lane marked by autonomy and agency.”

As a successful entrepreneur, how does she strike a balance between home and work? “Building a strong foundation and expanding my reach meant temporarily sacrificing time with my family and friends, and many hours of sleep. But now, I prioritize every moment of my day and make sure that seasons of high stress are followed by time for rest and recovery.”

Dr. Johnson is grateful for her children Cierra and RJ, and for her fun-loving husband Randy, who forces her to relax. They met in college and have been together for 26 years. “In the early years of my business and while completing my Ph.D., our quality time was one of the biggest areas of sacrifice,” she says.

While her family has had to sacrifice, they have also been a strong source of support and motivation. Dr. Johnson’s primary source of inspiration has always been her mother. Hours after the birth of her youngest child, her mother lost an eight-year battle with cancer and passed away. Dr. Johnson shares, “This was a significant loss but helped shape my perspective on the power of now and the importance of making every moment matter.”

Setting and maintaining clear boundaries has supported Dr. Johnson’s success as a woman leader. “I am comfortable communicating my needs and willing to say ‘pass’ on experiences where the cost outweighs the benefit. “Opportunity comes to those who create it, so stop waiting for permission to own your greatness!” sums up Dr. Johnson.

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