Bal Heer

One of the Most Spirited Faces of Empowered Women

There’s no stopgap for hard work, and Bal Heer, one of the most admired global Indian’s, soaked in this reality when growing up. Her father, who she calls “a great example,” worked three jobs once upon a time, educating Bal Heer about the importance of hard work and dedication. Armed with these values, she worked with the West Midlands police force and later switched to a sales role with Arcedia Direct, a direct sales company. Not just did it turn around her life, but also the company’s position in the market by turning its failing Wolverhampton office into their flagship branch with the highest turnover of all of their 17 UK offices. Her work spoke in the form of promotion after just one year of her joining and in being the only female to win the Manager of the Year Awarded in 2004.

Over the years of her work in the estate agencies, Bal Heer traveled the length and breadth of her job profile to offer loyalty and dedication to all her employers. Recognition for these values prevailed even after she resumed work after a five-year gap that she took to grow her family. The response overwhelmed her, triggering her to launch Regional Homes in 2014. “I took a leap of faith and decided that I would do what I had been doing for others, only this time for myself,” she says.

Understanding that the real estate sector is not the best known for high standards in this regard, Bal Heer envisioned abolishing the stigmas attached to estate & letting agencies when dealing with her company. She wanted to prove that an ethical business pattern is not a myth. “My characteristics have always served me well and continue to serve me in my quest as an estate agent Evangelist.”

Bal Heer’s business strategy is client-centric, and so she and her team focus on building positive and profitable relationships with clients. Under her headship, the team offers advice, offers support, is devoid of making false promises, and pays attention to detail. Her appetite for business is wholesome, “I don’t just want to make a difference for my family and me, but also want to offer personal and professional growth opportunities to others. I love helping others.”

Today, Regional Homes stands by itself, having gained the respect of clients and peers. But it has been a substantial journey for Bal Heer to overcome hurdles like not being taken seriously, tackling gender bias, and balancing between being a hands-on mother & full-time professional. In this regard, she adds, “This was very difficult to start with, but I have had the support from my sons, and they have been a blessing. Today life is very well balanced; the team at Regional Homes is capable of looking after the majority of the running of the business, leaving me with more family time.”

Bal Heer’s venture also resurfaced from the effects of the pandemic by adopting new business strategies like giving priority to existing clients, staying ahead of the curve to ensure minimal impact on the health and wellbeing of the team, and responding remotely & rapidly while maintaining regular contact throughout the day to assess and control any developing situations.

Sourcing strength from how far she has come in life, Bal Heer aims to be a role model, an inspiration, and an example for her two sons of who they can be and what they can become. With strengths like a resilient mindset, fighting fears, and self-belief, she set off a winning streak with a multitude of awards for her entrepreneurial and innovative skills. Bal Heer penned down an inspiring chapter of her life in her debut novel- The New Woman.

A proud mother of two, an author, a public speaker, a businesswoman, an inspirer, and a flagbearer for making life count, Bal Heer is one of the most spirited faces of empowered women. In her message, she says, “If you fall and fail, you can either choose to give up and let fear get the best of you, or decide to get the best of fear by persevering through your struggles. Don’t give up- be resilient, have self-belief and be true to yourself.” Amazingly, her book also renders a similar message for readers.

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