Aruna Pattam

Global AI Leader with Phenomenal Expertise

Only a few people have the ability to tackle down barriers and achieve their goals. It takes discipline and creativity to be a thought leader especially in a highly competitive field like Artificial Intelligence (AI). Aruna Pattam is an inspiring woman leader in the field of AI who has sailed a long way to achieve victory.

Aruna Pattam is a Global AI thought leader with over 22 years of experience in delivering technology for global organizations. She is currently the head of AI & Data Science at HCL Technologies for the Asia Pacific and the Middle East region.

Aruna completed her MBA from India, finished her post-graduation in computer science at the University of South Australia and a Masters in Data Science from James Cook University in Australia.

She started her career with the global analytical firm ‘SAS’ and worked there for 7+ years. After which she switched from consulting to client organizations. In this new endeavor, Aruna worked with Westpac, CBA (2 of the big 4 banks in Australia), and AMP (a global investment company) for more than 15 years. Aruna Pattam has always been someone with a sky-high passion for data and analytics. This led her to spend the last 22+ years delivering data and analytics solutions using advanced analytical techniques, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). Dedication and zeal are two prime factors that carved out Aruna’s story.

While spreading out some wise words, Aruna said, “The more I learned about what data had to offer, the more passionate I became about its potential, which led me on a path in exploring analytics to transform the financial services industry.” Along the way in her journey, Aruna has held many executive leadership roles implementing solutions for marketing, fraud detection, credit risk and data protection.

To maintain the equilibrium of personal and professional lives, Aruna has crisp & clear goals. She believes that the key to balance a successful career and personal life is strong communication with everyone involved. In order to succeed, you should schedule and manage time efficiently for work and family. Only people who have a good work-life balance can have a satisfying career.

Aruna says that the potential of artificial intelligence is something that truly fascinates her. It has made her an AI influencer who shares her knowledge and passion on various platforms. This inspires thousands of young minds to invest and innovate in AI technology. Also, nurturing and encouraging women to learn the future scope of Artificial Intelligence.

During the pandemic, Aruna Pattam continued giving presentations at various AI conferences and events all over the world, albeit virtually. Sometimes she would make presentations in 3 continents within a week. Amidst, Covid she was still able to keep in touch with the global AI fraternity and business community virtually.

With 22+ years of using data analytics, AI, and ML – Aruna has solved many problems that helped boost the economy. She has been crucial in Fraud detection, Anti-money laundering, Counter-terrorism financing, Credit risk management, Data protection, and many more AI/ML applications. This all contributed to a strong & safe financial system and economy.

Aruna expressed that being positive and willing to take risks has helped her face challenges while giving her new opportunities. Her problem-solving skills and creativity aided her in harsh times. However, her perfectionism in all instances and not being able to say “No” have been her weaknesses. She says perfectionism has often led her to spend too much time on a task and proved to be counterproductive. She firmly believes that all of us have dreams to achieve something in life and grow into a better version of ourselves. To achieve these dreams, we should not be afraid to walk the untrodden path and be persistent with our goals. To achieve success in any field, it is important to stay focused and remain true to your goals at all times.

On a closing note, Aruna has a wonderful message for our young audience. She conveyed to always follow your heart. Most opportunities will come and go, but if you truly love something then that is what you should stand by. Motivation along with Discipline can take you places. Therefore, be determined to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

What an inspiring piece of advice from an extraordinary women. Something we all can use to get us going.

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