Angshuman Saha

An impeccable man with a mission

Starting off a career from the edge of life and making the best out of it sounds artistry, but actually takes a lot during the process. Angshuman Saha was also once a solitary, when began his career in the network marketing business, the sudden demise of his father threw him off along with the financial debts. Leaving his sports career behind Angshuman went on to create business and support his family.

With dreams in his eyes, he started off with a small team which now is a big organization with more than 77 volunteers. He started as an Independent affiliate with company,Crowd1 in 2019, a platform to let people become their bosses and share profit. A pioneer in the field of online crowd marketing, Crowd1 istoday the fastest-growing e-commerce online international business platform with unlimited home-based earning potential and with already 41 million people connected. This aims to extricate the opportunities offered by digital marketing on a global scale, while at the same time providing the community with a great way to participate in the fastest-growing crowd on the planet.

In addition to its contemporary approach, Crowd1 escalated business strategy to help grow a great mindset, aiming to think positively and build a great frame of mind to take action. This is all something Angshuman work daily with himself and also to duplicate to his leaders and teams. With the major ambitions of Crowd1 to become a world leader in online crowd marketing Angshuman invited people with great ambitions to join their army and get onto their journey.

Without hogging any credit for being an admirable leader himself, Angshuman tells us how losing inspiration in life actually means. After the sudden crash of his father’s business and his demise, people turned their back on his family. And he started his journey despite the unacceptable behaviour of society and losing friends and relatives, “Challenges are everywhere, no road is built without speed breakers” said Angshuman.

With his dedication and impeccable business strategies, he laid a next-generation business, a networking business of not creating salesman support but creating entrepreneurs. He shouldered the responsibilities by work day and night, following up on the work scheduled and taking 20-25 online meetings each day with the people who wanted to transform their lives.

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed, Angshuman had the same vision to transform the lives of people. He says, “I believe when we bring new things to the world no one can understand the future and they don’t see the opportunity. I love to explain and show the world that opportunity.”

A graduate went on chasing dreams, modelled life for himself and countless other people he didn’t know. As he says, “positive mindset and winning attitude help me to grow as besides studying in a Bengali Medium school my language was not good but I learned the technology to grow my business overseas.”

Angshuman has been awarded as a Top Performer in Asia 3 times and named under Top 50 performers globally for the last 2 years. Although the idea of achievement has always been to win people over awards. “My main achievement in life is to win people, wherever I go, I have friends and the best thing is they bless me because I changed their present” He added.

Speaking about the business strategies he used to convert pandemic into his favour Angshuman says, “Even though I was a bit unsure amidst COVID-19 and but it didn’t really affect our business. As days pass, we started growing instead, and one thing I clearly knew then was that we can shine the best regardless of how the circumstances are. Clearly, the future is online and everyone in this world wants to do something towards a better life.”

He believes in edifying the lives of people and with a mission is to be involved in a business that assists people and makes the business more accessible to the underprivileged. He has summarized his mantra to growth, development, and success as, “If you feel you have the desire to fulfill your dreams then just follow to accept new logical opportunity regardless anything and you must have strong reasons behind to have a strong mindset. As these reasons grow your belief and the whole part develops your attitude for the unexpected results.”

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