Andrea Malam-Alexander

A Superwoman – An Achiever, Believer, and Empathetic Spirited

Andrea was born to parents of British ancestry in Mumbai, India. She was the youngest of all six children and the only one who went for higher education. During the early 1990s, Andrea was unhappy with the career prospects in India and decided to move to the United Kingdom. For the last 30 years, she’s been married and settled in London. She’s widely known as a superwoman with an incredibly empathetic spirit. Life is open to infinite possibilities, and her mission is to help others truly believe in themselves and recognise these possibilities.

Andrea is blessed with two children and is always known to be the strong one in her family. She’s been a pillar of support to her family and friends, especially during their tough times. She’s lost loved ones to terminal illness and realised she has a gift to counsel and help others through their difficult moments. From here on, she decided to serve others on a grand scale and do something that mattered in life. Andrea joined the UK Civil Service in the Law Enforcement arena and worked for over 25 years.

Andrea is the Founder Trustee of Saving Dreams, with the primary objective to enable children and adults to escape poverty and offer opportunities for a brighter future in society. She always knew what she wanted to do, and her objectives resonated through her work. Her primary focus is empathy and compassion in supporting both children and adults in need. At 50, Andrea realised she was destined to do more and decided to pursue her undeniable passion in civil service to help the underprivileged children and families.

Andrea has had her set of challenges in her professional and personal life; however, she’s managed to bring about a healthy balance between both. Andrea is very passionate about making a difference in the life of underprivileged children and their families. She believes that everyone has a niche; you just need to find it. She turned her passion into her purpose because life matters, and she lives her life to fulfil her dreams.

Everyone can use a strong one in their environment; hence, Andrea and the Saving Dreams charity have filled this role for many people. Andrea says, there is room for much more, and a lot can be done in terms of providing support, donations, time, and love to children and families in need. There is a need for many more to help fulfil the dreams of these children and families who have never had the opportunity to dream big and see it come through.

Andrea has always believed that there is never a wrong time to chase your dreams and grow your own way. She has believed in herself and followed her dreams, always ready to help others and encourages people to do the same. She says it’s never too late to start caring and giving, we are not all perfect, but we can start somewhere.

Over the years, Andrea has received numerous awards and accolades. In 2018 she was a crown medal recipient. She was commended for exemplary service in law enforcement towards protecting the public, and she also featured in the 100 years, 100 women in public service publication. In 2020 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award – WOW Women of the World, Diversity Role Model award at the NCA in the UK, and SHEUK Highly Commended Valiant Volunteer. In 2021 she received SHEUK Highly Commended Community Champion Award, International Women Achievers Award, Published Co-Author of Anthology: “New Woman”, she has featured in mspnewsglobal, published the biography: “Saving Dreams”, and featured in herstorytv on YouTube.

As a humanitarian and EI expert, Andrea concentrates on what she can do and achieve rather than focusing on what cannot be done. Making people feel good about themselves is how Andrea supports people, because developing her emotional intelligence has helped her succeed at every stage of her career or business.

Currently, Andrea is working hard towards building an empowering global community of courageous individuals, enabling them to feel connected, happy, and confident. They provide tailored mindset strategies to open minded individuals helping them to positively change their perspective to facilitate inclusion, diversity and equality.

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