Adv Dr. ( HC ) Abdul Bari Khan

Global Voice of the Voiceless

The mark of a man is in the choices he makes. Which makes Human Rights Activist and Lawyer Abdul Bari Khan’s journey all the more appreciable.

Born in a 4th generation jeweller family in Mumbai, India, Abdul Bari was groomed to carry the family legacy. He is the Grandson of Noted Jewelry Appraiser Abdul Kadar Johri fondly called as “Sethji” in Jaipur. Abdul Bari did his schooling in GD Somani Memorial School and graduation from Sydenham College, specialising in Business Management. Simultaneously, completed a Diploma in Gemmology, Diploma In Diamonds, Diploma in Jewellery Designing from Gemmological Institute Of India, and achieved a Fellowship of the Forum of Indian Gemmologist.

Discovering the joys of learning, he further pursued Software Programming from NIIT, Legum Baccalaureus from Rizvi Law College, and MBA from Amity University.

Yet, as was predestined, he began his professional journey as a Gemmologist and Diamantaire. “It was very rewarding but lacked satisfaction. I always felt that there was more to be achieved and that I was not utilising myself to my fullest,” reveals Abdul Bari.

One accidental bad experience turned the tide of Abdul Bari’s life. “It made me realise that if this could happen to me, what about others who have never had to face something like this before. I was an artist whose canvas was blank and the only colors in my palette were those of uncertainty and confusion. I decided to start again and become the voice of the voiceless,” says Abdul Bari quoting his favourite motto: ‘Rejection is not a defeat but, it is only a delay on the road to Success’.

His plunge into the legal world was rewarded when people from all walks of life came to him with a hope in their heart. “A strong economy can never be built on weak laws and governance. As a Human Rights Lawyer, I try to bridge this gap by way of bringing parity in the lives of those seeking justice and an opportunity to prove themselves through my philanthropic activities, networking and representing them at the right forum,” shares Abdul Bari.

Having a great International network of friends helped Abdul Bari promote his cause and become a truly global voice for the underprivileged. What also aided his mission was 11+ years of experience in Business Management and Consultancy, Government and Political liaising, along with Media and Marketing. An expert in International Business Diplomacy, Abdul Bari actively engages in strong Community and Social services with Philanthropic activities to aid NGOs in fields of Social, Economic, Youth and Cultural Development.

As a first generation lawyer, Abdul Bari had to overcome his own share of tasks and challenges. Besides changing horizons and shifting from business to advocacy, he had to practise the art of perseverance. An endeavour, he says, that wouldn’t have been possible without his family: “Had it not been for my Parents, Wife and Brother, I would not have been able to Explore, Learn and Perform. My Parents never forced their ambitions on me and allowed me to explore my own visions. On the personal front, my wife has been a rock solid pillar of support and strength. She has invested her time, patience and even savings to help me achieve my goals and targets. I always tell her that the degrees I hold are equally hers as well.”

A skilled strategist and tactician, Abdul Bari’s business strategy is to ‘Learn while you Earn’. In that regard, he’s a performer with a vision. “I keep performing my best at what I can do, with my resources at hand to bring respite and respect to the lesser fortunate yet deserving ones. This also motivates me to perform and excel in my profession because that’s where I generate those resources from. My simple motto is to give back to society the superfluous that I possess,” he states.

He believes that you can get everything in life, if you just help other people get what they want. This holds true for Abdul Bari who has been honoured with innumerous recognitions even in his short journey. In 2021 itself, he was awarded the ‘Best Social Entrepreneur of the Year’ by International Brilliance Award and ‘Humanitarian Excellence Award’ by I Can Foundation in India, Besides a Hon. Doctorate for his work by the WHRPC, UK.

Abdul is deeply respected by his peers as someone who did not come into his family business instead built his entire legacy ground up. His hard work and depth of understanding human nature has seen him find a place in some of the leading organizations across the globe: He is an Advisor & Legal Consultant to UHNIs, Royal Families and Business Leaders in Middle East, UK, and Africa; Lifetime Member of World Human Rights Protection Commission; Ambassador of Peace, INSPAD; Ambassador at The TOP Person – An International Business, Politics, and NGO Magazine and a Global Charity with HUB.

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