Adhiraj Mehra & Drishti Pahwa

The Next Generation Investment Bankers

Gratitude reciprocates! This story of young i-banking warriors will generate a sudden feeling of persistence in everyone. Such is the dedication that Drishti & Adhiraj have shown in their professional and personal lives. They valued the process of learning and that is one of the reasons why they are at the top of their field.

Their endeavor began with a dream. The dream to create a robust system that enables entrepreneurs to pitch their stories and take their business to the next level. However, the path towards it wasn’t easy. With hard work, they made it to the top of their field and became the youngest i-bankers under 30 to crack large scale M&A and Equity deals.

Intriguingly, when they started working, the i-banking industry was at a nascent stage. During that period, services were hardly valued, and a lot of i-bankers worked for free. Fortunately, being from business families helped them understand the effort it takes to be an entrepreneur. There was always a sense of ownership in everything that they did and that’s why they named their company AMDP Advisors, which is named after their initials.

Regarding their early experience in i-banking, Drishti & Adhiraj said that “Being younger meant that we had no preconceived notions, we would listen with patience and work even harder to justify the association. With this thought in mind, we started our journey with the guidance and support of extremely seasoned professionals Mr. Amit Gupta (Managing Partner, Coralbay Advisors) and Mrs. Seema Mahajan (Director, School of Entrepreneurship & Family Business, NMIMS Mumbai).”

They also said that Mr. Gupta was kind enough to teach them about the industry and continues to be their source of inspiration. Mrs. Mahajan has played a very important role in teaching them about entrepreneurship. It is because of her love & support that they could pursue their passion for teaching.

They firmly believe that AMDP Advisors exists because of the unconditional love & support from their respective families that have a legacy spanning over 70 plus years (Tin Box Company & Laxmi Eye Care). They further conveyed that the i-banking industry in India is at the cusp of a huge transition. They are glad to be a part of it wherein they are instrumental in raising growth capital for companies that are constantly contributing to the Indian economy & generating employment while having the potential to become unicorns and shape the future of the nation.

Drishti & Adhiraj are also actively involved in shaping young minds and will soon launch an “all-to-know” education platform for young aspiring i-bankers under AMDP Education. They also give insights to young MBA students and have taught at prestigious institutes like Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai) and JIMS College (Delhi). They strongly believe that contributing towards the development of HR is the key to building a stronger economy & future.

Talking about giving insights, Adhiraj & Drishti have their perspective on success. They see success as a function of 3 things – patience, hard work & understanding emotions. This could be the reason why their team has never been afraid of working hard. They expressed that their team has a great mix of high IQ & EQ individuals, so understanding emotions has never been a challenge.

Drishti & Adhiraj are people who focus on their company’s achievements rather than talking about individual accolades. AMDP Advisors’ has recently concluded one of the largest M&A transactions in the healthcare sector during the 2nd wave of the pandemic. Before they stepped in, the people involved had been trying to conclude the deal for almost 3 years. The company is proud to share that they were able to crack the deal within 3 months of engagement while creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

When asked what advice they have for our young audience, Drishti & Adhiraj did not hesitate for even a second and expressed, “We believe that the shortcut to success is a lot of hard work and persistence. There will be many instances in your work when you would doubt yourself and want to quit, the key is to remember why you started. Never let success get to your head and failure to your heart”

Only people with dedication and determination can enlighten you with such gracious advice.

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