Sudarshan Sabat

Mastermind Trainer Transforming People’s Lives

An act of charity is a noble act. But dedicating your entire life for the welfare of others is the epitome of nobility. Mr. Sudarshan Sabat, Founder and Chairman of the “Sudarshan Group of Company”, he is a Master Mind Trainer who works towards uplifting other’s lives. Problems are inevitable, but the way we deal with them is what decides our next event. Mr. Sabat envisions creating more than 1000 trainers in next 5 years. Together, they all will reach out to people world-over and train them with mind techniques to battle with their problems.

“Every medicine in the market comes with an expiry date. Similarly, every problem in our life comes with an expiry date” – Sudarshan Sabat

These days where people are struggling to progress, he is a man with an all new thought process who wants to see others progressing and reaching heights. Mr. Sabat is making his way to glory by having millions of followers on all digital platforms, his vision is to change the lives by making at least 10% of Indians achieve financial freedom in their lives.

Mr. Sabat is training people on a path leading to optimism and mental strength. “If we do not learn to use the power of subconscious Mind properly, then it may work against us sometimes,” Mr. Sabat elaborates. “Our mind can be the reason why we have not been able to work effectively, if we are not training our mind then we are blocking it with negative thoughts”. Mind power has helped him become a Master Mind Trainer.

In the year 2019, Mr. Sabat faced his life’s toughest moment when he was on stage and received the unfortunate news of his father’s demise. Facing the audience, knowing that he lost an important person in his life was devastating. Despite the emotional disturbance, Mr. Sabat stood by his professionalism and completed two day’s content in one single day. His dedication towards his work made him stand strong in this uncertainty. You should learn to handle all the situation that comes in your life.

A trainer needs to learn so many different things before training other, Mr. Sabat, invested lakhs of rupees to acquire training from 15 master gurus. Mr. Sabat is Author of three books “Mind Winner World Winner”, “Rich Mind Blue Print” and “Dare Your Mind – Think Beyond”, he has more 9 books getting published in the year 2021. All these books are going to be available English, Hindi languages.

A success coach will only talk about success, a business coach will only guide you about business and a health coach will guide you to stay healthy. Therefore, Mr. Sabat wanted to be a Mind Trainer so that he can give training to people to work on 4 pillars that include Health, Wealth, Happiness and Peace of Mind. He believes that our mind is a powerful tool and that humans fail to utilize it to its fullest.

Mr. Sabat practices what he preaches and has implemented these wonderful mind techniques in his life. His life automatically changed, and miracles began to occur. His success has become an inspiration for others. Today, Mr. Sabat is successfully mentoring people all over India.

His hard work paid off, and he thanks all his participants to have made him such a massive name in the training industry. In his half decade of career, Mr. Sabat has established 11 companies and have won 11 Best Mind Trainer national and international awards. For all the love and appreciation, he chooses to call himself as an “Infopreneur”.

Mr. Sabat never wanted to be a trainer who would just recommend people to do something or motivate them to develop certain skills or keep talking to them about achieving success in their lives. He wanted to transform people’s lives by helping them build good health, better wealth, and a result-oriented approach to success. Being a kind person, Mr. Sabat has aimed to help people find a reason for their happiness so that they could learn to live a stress-free life.

Winning something in life is just a moment, which lasts for a few seconds, but it takes countless efforts to win something in life. Mr. Sabat explicates that training the mind requires equal efforts. “We have to use ethical ways of winning and work diligently and persistently for it.”

As a message, Mr. Sabat urges people to train the mind to become a winner before anything else. “Every second, someone or the other is winning something in life. Even you can become a winner in your life by winning it first in your mind.”

“To become a Mind Winner you need to update your Mind every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute and every second of your life” – Sudarshan Sabat

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