Dr Ravi Rao

An Astrology and Vaastu Cognoscenti

Living in a land that understands what you do but doesn’t have much scope for it and then finding sky-touching success is the job of an expert and fighter. Dr. Ravi Rao, the founding member of Astro- Vaastu Research Foundation, is a Vaastu and astrology practitioner who’s taken his skills global. A prolific scholar and a zealous practitioner, he mastered this craft under established gurus to advise people on personal, professional, and political matters today. Using ancient Vedic sciences, he offers solutions that revive the failing fortunes of individuals and companies within a short period and minimal expenditure.

Even though highly educated, Dr. Ravi considers his actual learning took place out on the field. He has high regard for the virtues and values imparted to him by his parents. Apart from these, there is a lot that Indian mythological stories taught this man of international repute the right manner of conducting oneself in life. It is because of this code of conduct that he has come this far in his professional journey. He is an advisor to fortune 500 Companies among his clients. People from around the globe see Dr. Ravi as a synonym for astrology and Vaastu.

Surprisingly, Dr. Ravi never chose this profession. But his mounting fame confirms that God made the right decision for him, without which the world would suffer from the lack of his insight. He is a solution provider for corporates and others, which helps him learn more about his forte. It is this kind of learning experience that is most important to him.

Dr. Ravi’s business portfolio began as a hobby to help people find solutions to day-to-day issues like work, promotions, failure, marriage, jobs, etc. Eventually, he combined his knowledge from astrology and Vaastu. “Astrology identifies a problem. Vaastu is a tool to rectify these problems and act upon them. I used the two sciences to offer solutions to my clients’ problems.” With the grace of the almighty and Dr. Ravi’s hard work & devotion, he could make many breakthroughs. Knowing that his guru’s blessings are always with him, he attracted success with every client he worked with.

Today, this astrology and Vaastu cognoscenti has traveled to more than forty-five countries, spreading happiness among people around the world. His proficiency in catering solutions to a versatile lot of people is something that Dr. Ravi is immensely proud of. He manages his company Ravirao.com with much expertise, which is growing at rocket speed through references.

Even the pandemic couldn’t stop this man on a mission to bring smiles to people’s faces. He traveled back and forth during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, owing to which his clients could see a ray of hope amid darkness.

People still ponder if they should believe in God, religion, astrology, or Vaastu. The fact that such people don’t want to credit any of these is one of Dr. Ravi’s never-ending challenges. To them, he questions, “You pat yourself on the back when you encounter success, but always blame your stars when you meet with failure. Why?” Another challenge that he faces in India is that people keep their Vaastu lives private, not wanting to accept in front of people that they believe in this science. “Everyone fails in life. But the moment an astrologer fails, people call the science bogus. That isn’t fair.”

Dr. Ravi answered people like these with a thirty-years of consecutive and unassailable success. He believes that nobody can discount one’s honesty and hard work. It is these strengths that he lives by and also preaches to others. Until recently, Dr. Ravi didn’t understand what passion really meant. He realized that he had a sub-conscious habit of looking at directions, places, locations, etc., in the viewpoint of Vaastu. It is for this reason that he can decode problems and offer solutions whenever required of him.

The fact that his clients are always new and that he can offer different kinds of explanations to them enlivens Dr. Ravi the most. He communicates the message, “Keep things simple. Believe that there is always some help when you look for it. Nothing is unsolvable as far as you identify your problem and execute the right actions to correct it.”

He is the author of A Nations Prophecy- Inclusive Method of Mundane Astrology and Sports Astrology: The Inclusive Methodology of Game Analysis. Dr. Ravi Rao is the strength that’s keeping people across countries from crumbling into life’s setbacks with science, positivity, and humanity!

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