Gavi Kumar

A Flawless Blend of Eruditeness, Solicitousness and Flamboyance.

Leader, entrepreneur, and veteran officer, Gavi Kumar is an exultant soul who discovers bliss in winning relationships, working with passionate people, and discovering new partnerships. The merit holder has over eighteen years of experience in building strategic relationships with key technology and business leaders to ensure success. Called a Relationship Expert, Gavi is someone who believes in continual learning. He managed the switch from being military personnel to join the corporate world with ease owing to his open-mindedness for life-long learning.

That said, his “never say never” stance backed by the support from family and friends urged him to attract success and make this life-altering switch. As the Sales Director at Infosys, USA, Gavi’s contribution is tremendous. A sales cognoscenti, he has also worked with reputed companies like Ericsson and IBM, after serving as the Deputy Director in the Indian Navy for seven years.

Gavi, an IIM alumnus, also has a certificate in Disruptive Strategy from the Harvard Business School and Managing Companies of Future from the University of London. He has Bachelors in Mechanical and Marine Engineering. He is also a certified Agile Product Owner, Agile Scrum Master, and ITIL. With impeccable skills in Sales, Business Development, Program Management, Strategizing, IT, and Agile Methodology, Gavi Kumar is essentially an all-rounder.

Even though now a corporate person, his innate calling is business since he comes from an entrepreneurial family. Gavi knew right from the start that one day he will take on the responsibility of inaugurating something he could call his own. Currently, it is in the planning stage, and very soon, he will announce the launch of his first business venture.

Like every successful person, Gavi too had to encounter obstacles that tried to stop him from becoming who he is. But he ascribes his passion, commitment, and persistence that kept him going beyond all stumbling blocks. During his career as a military person, he embraced the motto, “When the going gets tough, tough gets going.” Even after joining the corporate world and moving to the USA, Gavi subsists to find his motivation from this mantra.

Before becoming the Deputy Director in the Indian Navy, Gavi came up against several rejections. But had he accepted failure as the story of his life, he wouldn’t end up receiving the title of the “Best Positive Living Officer” and become a Merit Holder. While serving in the Navy, he was a key program member of India’s First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier and was cordially invited by the President of India for the launch ceremony of the same.

Gavi finds his strength in compassion, which he doesn’t fail to deliver in his professional and personal life. He firmly believes, “Take care of people, and people will take care of you.” Gavi’s team witnessed his greatest episode of compassion during the Tsunami Operations in the year 2004. They shouldered the responsibility to cater to people with relief materials. Even though they suffered engine failure, Gavi’s compassion to reach out to those in need despite all odds made the impossible task in hand a successful one. The Government of Sri Lanka recognized Gavi and his team’s efforts in contributing to serving the people.

The man is all about passion. He even calls his work profile “The evolution of passion throughout the years of diligent work,” than calling it a resume. Gavi defines his passion as, “For me, it’s the trust in yourself, being yourself, and moving ahead in life. These are attributes that always help me become a frontrunner in every area of my life.”

Living on the principle, “Do your best, leave the rest,” Gavi is into a lot of other things that keep him on the go. He is one of the Board of Advisors for the International Organisation of Educational Development- an organization working towards building skilled, empowered, prosperous, environment-friendly, and crime-free States in India and globally. Additionally, he is also a Board Member for Support Our Heroes- organization committed to the betterment of Indian Veterans and their families as he feels, “The Brave Never Dies. Though they sleep in the dust, their courage nerves a thousand living men.”

Gavi volunteers at Hire Heroes, an organization working towards empowering the USA Military Officials and their families transitioning into the corporate world. IANT, USA, invited him as the Chief Guest for their Independence Day Celebration. Lastly, Gavi is also a part of the Board of Advisors for the University of Houston. Through his association with the university, he wishes to supercharge the curriculum for the Millenials.

Besides being a master in his field, Gavi also delights in going on vacations with his family, taking long drives, playing outdoors, and watching a game of cricket when free. He summarizes his mantra for growth in the 3C’s- Commitment (Never Ever Give Up), Coachable (Learn as you grow), and Communication (Cordial and Compassionate).

It wouldn’t be wrong to define Gavi Kumar as a flawless blend of eruditeness, solicitousness, and flamboyance.

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