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An Influential Woman Empowering Many More

Supriya Chadha is among the very few people who label her passion as an emotion. She’s so attached to her passion that she cannot open her feelings about it. Born in the pre-globalization era, Supriya witnessed the shift in people’s eating habits from nutritious & traditional to packaged & preserved. She saw the gap between health being boring and taste being unhealthy. Thus, came the origin of Satya Xclusives’ lip-smacking healthy snacks. These innovative food items by Supriya have a long shelf life, are easy to carry, and are ready to consume.

A leading processor of flavored dry fruits, bites, trail mixes, chocolates, Kesar kulfi bites, granola bites, dry fruit laddoos, and other exotic & healthy ready to eat snacks, Satya Xclusives is synonymous with taste, health, and nutrition on the go since 1998. From sourcing the finest dry fruits from around the world to sorting, grading, and dry roasting them, the team works with great passion and delight under Supriya’s direction. Over the years, their hard work and dedication have fetched the firm praises from the industry.

As a first-generation entrepreneur, the prime challenge that Supriya faced was to take the plunge. But once she did that, she was no longer merely following her passion but was fighting to stay above waters at all times, whether it meant doing the groundwork, arranging finances, keeping the books, or extinguishing a fire! As the company grew, Supriya endeavored to find a trustworthy team that could work in line with the company’s vision. She overcame this by the art of delegation and creating a team of dedicated women like her who believed in Supriya and in her mission of sustaining quality, health, taste, and nutrition.

Life is full of experiences and is jam-packed with ups and downs. Supriya trusts that the ups keep humans motivated to tackle the downs and the downs help humans introspect and work harder & smarter to shine again. “In order to keep going, one needs to shed the conditioning that only ups make us successful. For me, success is the fire in my belly that propels me to be inclusive and work towards women empowerment through my enterprise. Everything else falls in place. Generating employment and keeping my staff motivated to work for themselves is part of my larger goal in life,” Supriya describes her meaning of success.

Being vocal about her commitments to being local (using Indian products) is Supriya’s major strength. She believes in the ancient wisdom that combines passion and persistence. It connects her at all levels to her glorious past and is able to smile with confidence for she brings in the age-old goodness through culinary research about flavors, the chemistry of food, experimentation, and then bringing out a range of delicious and nutritious products with a long shelf life without using any preservatives.

Her biggest weakness was that she is a first – generation entrepreneur who neither had a business empire waiting nor many contacts in the business world. She didn’t have any green pastures. But being the resilient woman that she is, Supriya grew her own pasture to graze on.

By pursuing her dream, not just did Supriya find contentment, but also generated employment for several women. When she started in the year 1998, it was just her. But now, Satya Xclusives boasts of being run by numerous empowered women. They process more than two hundred products and variants for brands that they support. Such is the progress of Supriya’s vision that several corporates, customers, brands sell the Satya Xclusives products. Apart from being covered in various articles and winning awards for workplace environment, her biggest accomplishment is still a happy team and pleased customers that range from individuals to brands to some of the biggest corporates in India.

Hard work with a smile is Supriya’s mantra. She says doing so leads to growth, development, and success. “Do not allow the accomplishment of a goal to lead to procrastination. The accomplishment of a goal brings you face to face with a bigger goal to maintain the previous one. So, find your passion, smile, and keep going.”

Sticking to the roots is of great significance to this influential woman. As someone who’s remained grounded, she advises people who look up to her to remember their roots and nourish them with values. Supriya advocates that one’s roots give them the wings that help take leaps of faith when walking through a dark tunnel. “Risk-taking is directly linked to growth and roots find their way through darkness listening to whispers and responding to vibes,” she adds.

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