Rohit Wadhwa

A Pole Star of the Automotive World

Racing your way ahead in life and finding a spot for your passion in life are two different things. Rohit Wadhwa found a massive place for his passion for cars and has climbed the corporate ladder like no one else! An Automotive Sales & Marketing leader, Rohit has managed revenue of over $50 M yearly through his strong business acumen and strategies.

An MBA by degree, he commenced his professional journey at HCL but soon switched to the automotive industry and joined Toyota. Since then, Rohit has worked in globally recognized automotive companies/OEMs like BMW Group, Audi India, and Volkswagen Group. When Rohit received his permanent residency in Canada, he joined Mitsubishi Motors, taking his success and achievements to an all-new level.

Rohit explains his wide-ranging job roles and companies saying, “It was always my passion for cars that took me to different companies and various roles at very past faced trajectory in the corporate ladder.”

While challenges are inevitable, handling them in a manner that leaves a person and their work unaffected is most significant. Rohit prefers staying grounded and calm when in a troubled situation. Prioritizing work and playing by his strengths is his style of pinning down challenges. Of course, he admits his family standing by him as concrete pillars, especially his wife, whose support is unconditional and everlasting.

Besides cars, Rohit is also passionate about people management. He doesn’t discount the idea that one needs to keep learning at all ages to keep the foundation strong in this competitive era. To fuel his passion, he took up some structured courses, including “Managing the Company of the future” from the University of London and “Communication Strategies for virtual ages from the University of Toronto. His curiosity to know more about his industry and grow his knowledge makes Rohit one of the topmost leaders in the automotive industry today.

Presently, he is also looking forward to learning the French language to make working with the Quebec people easier.

Making lifestyle or career switches isn’t an easy job, especially with an ongoing pandemic. But Rohit took the courageous decision of leaving his well-settled job in India for newer work opportunities when he received a PR for Canada in January 2021. Starting at a place where not many know you and seeking a job that fits your potential demands patience and strong networking skills, both of which he possesses. “I networked well and started creating my base in Canada and then eventually landed with a few great opportunities.”

Rohit is very meticulous in his personal & professional space, a strength that has kept him steady in his prosperous journey. The people who work with him enjoy his collaborative leadership style, structured approach, and ability to effectively translate complex operational concepts into tangible action plans.

Only thirty-six years of age, Rohit is indubitably worthy of being included in the list of “Men Leaders” for his skills and hard work that lead him this far on the corporate leader this early in his professional life. His work stands out, be it closing over seventy national contracts in BMW Group or increasing Audi’s market share by 6%. Rohit also ranked number 1 in Customer Satisfaction in the year 2018, won the Best Marketing Initiative Award in 2019, increased the profitability in the Volkswagen Group by 1.4 times, and has overachieved all his sales targets consecutively in the last four years.

This leader’s philosophy for life is simple- Move forward; whether the speed is fast or slow, you just have to keep moving in a direction. His message for the readers is, “Be humble to the world, greateful to the god and true to yourself.”

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