Rajesh Singh Rathore

India’s most prominent philanthropist and uplifter of farmers

Passionate about the environment and a keen lover of flora & fauna, Rajesh Singh Rathore has always been drawn towards green revolution programs. He hails from a small village called Hakama and has always been zealous towards the go green concept. Inspired to create space for nature, his parents understood his passion and were his strong supporters. As a commerce graduate, Rajesh took up jobs for a living; however, he remained grounded and nurtured his passion.

Rajesh has always had a soft side for his village, and in 2014 he began his journey as a Green Revolution, an exciting continuation of his passion. He gradually rose to become a pioneer, transforming the lives of farmers financially through his company Vatican Shona Agrotech Pvt Ltd., launched in 2016.

Rajesh has gained a prominent position through his exemplary work, achieving multiple milestones as an eminent professional. His company has done an amazing job in creating a difference for millions of Indian farmers. They have also received various awards & recognition like Indian Excelsior Award (2021), Asia Innovative Company; he was a member of the Asian African Business Summit.

Rajesh and his team take the initiative to preserve and grow trees because they understand the importance of the ecosystem, environment, atmosphere, and its efficacy in every living being’s life. He has a vision of a perfect planet, and to achieve that, he fosters and empowers people to grow more trees that will help enrich living standards, healthy lifestyle, and oxygen level on earth.

Rajesh believes that one should be idiosyncratic in the crowd and have faith in one’s dreams. He helps farmers to shape their financial growth with low-cost effects, optimising the income of poor grades, thus following his dream.

Rajesh’s Argo-based company- Vatican Shona Agrotech Pvt Ltd deals in plantation of forestry trees, especially teak. They focus on farmers to get a good yield by guiding them to cultivate their farms in the best possible manner and generate increased income. They also provide:

  • Quality planting materials and tissue culture plantation sources.
  • Helping farmers to gear up for the bulk supply.
  • Maximising their yield for mass supply and profit at low cost.

They have also taken up overseas projects to help with mass tree plantation.

Rajesh believes that if the productivity is in bulk with enormous standards, one can stand unique in the crowd. He has put together a team that is well informed about scientific production methods, handling the entire process, right from production to planting. That’s not all; the squad visits several sites to confirm the well-being of the plantation, making them distinctive from their competitors.

Things are not easy for Rajesh and his team as his projects involves aspects like soil condition, farmers’ field needs, pests, and water resources that pose major challenges. The brilliant team is working towards eradicating these hindrances to optimise bulk production. Being farmer-centric, Rajesh makes it a point to visit various sites to inspect farms and give remedies to farmers facing troubles.

Rajesh has a craving to upsurge infrastructure; as an organisation, they have a motive to enhance the production of a quality plantation at a competitive price. They use their knowledge based on the scientific methodology of production to boost the yield.

Rajesh is a fanatic lover of nature; he is captivated by greenery, flora, and fauna around him. His admiration towards mother earth and nature’s exquisiteness led him to the agro business. The world witnessed a drastic change during the pandemic, and it was no different for Rajesh. His business was affected drastically, but they continued to follow Covid 19 norms and post lockdown, they steadily began gaining pace.

Rajesh’s vision is – Wealth to the Farmers, Health to the Nation. He plans to achieve this by boosting farmers’ yield, increasing their income, and contributing to a healthy nation. His project assures ROI in 10-12 years for farmers with their own land. He takes pride in his strength of being a firm believer in quality of work and complete efforts. He keeps evolving through continuous adapting and learning.

Rajesh wears his heart on his sleeves and often finds himself trusting people easily, a trait he’s working on to overcome.

Rajesh implores everyone to grow more trees because it will boost oxygen levels allowing us to live a healthy life. His main focus is to create awareness among people.

Rajesh’s mantra to success is ‘believe in yourself and strive for what you want.

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