Ragini Tandan

Stimulating heart of millions of people with her songs

Born in Ambala, Haryana, this singing sensation is brought up in Delhi. If one says that music runs in her blood, it wouldn’t be wrong as her mother has learned classical music, father is learning music, grandfather plays the flute, brother sings too and cousins are pianist. Little did they know that Ragini would be one of the most promising young singers of the country’s music world today.

Ragini Tandan started singing at the of 4 and later got her training in Hindustani Classical Music at the age of 16. She made her debut with a rendition of the song ‘Nahi Jaana’ which became a song for every bride in the country! Within a year, she lent her voice for a Punjabi hit – Lamberghini which were also covered by singers like Neha Kakkar & Dhvani Bhanushali. With all the recognition, she decided to take music as a career and recently released a new single – Mileya Ni Tu. During the lockdown, she covered some of her favourite songs for the fellow music lovers and put it on her YouTube Channel. Parallelly she made a lot of new songs including some unexpected collaborations which would soon be added in her discography. On asking her about her inspiration, she quotes “From childhood my inspiration towards music has been my parents but of course, while growing up, I was always stimulated by the one and only Sunidhi Chauhan! I wanted to sing all her songs just how she did as she is the best! Today, she dreams to wretch every heart with her voice and music.

On interviewing Ragini Tandan, we could jot some interesting dwellings about her and is right her for you to read along sips of coffee.

How would you describe your sound?

Since I started learning Hindustani classical music, I’m more inclined to the classical and semi-classical style. I enjoy pop music too, however my playlist would have like Arijit Singh’s romantic songs and lots of music from Coke Studio – Pakistan! This is the sound I love and I relate to them as my genre!

What instruments do you play?

I play the harmonium time and again. These days I’m trying my hands on a Guitar!

What would be on the gag reel of your life?

I think the best gag reel for me would be me forgetting the lyrics of some punjabi songs mid-gig and turning around in a subtle way to my band to ask them if they remember them.

What is the most interesting fact about you that people don’t know?

Something that I find amusing is that, I have been singing in Punjabi but I don’t know how to talk in or read Punjabi, I do understand it though.

If you had the power to steal one artistic skill from any artistic of your choice, who and what that skill would be?

The versatility that Sunidhi Chauhan has is one of the skills I would want to take from her Ragini believes in maintaining her health by eating clean and staying fit. With her schedule of late-night recordings, shows and travel, she decided to bring more discipline for a healthier future!

The ‘Lamberghini sensation has over 400 million views on YouTube on the song. She has performed globally resonating the energy and groove in Indian music scene. Melodious lady has bagged an award by Sony Liv Talent Track Award- Music Sensation of The Year 2018.

Ragini has a lot more music that she soon plans to release and dreams to wretch every heart with her voice and music!

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