Nitin Chopra

The Man with a Noble Plan

Migrated from his palatial residence in Kashmir to a humble home in Amritsar, Nitin Chopra is the CEO & founder of Range International Property Investments. Despite several personal struggles, Nitin’s father ensured his son received nothing but the best of education. It paid off with Nitin’s professional and personal life touching the skies today, for which he is eternally grateful to his father. After finishing his higher education, Nitin moved to London, working round-the-clock to make ends meet, and then made his way to Dubai, where he started his life-changing career.

After working at a bank, Nitin joined the real estate market in 2008, the year the recession was at its peak. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that his life took a turn for the better, and how! Today, Range is named Damac’s number one broker, and he was able to receive that title after just 4 years in the industry.

Money has never been a stimulus for Nitin. His only strategy is his team, which he trusts wholeheartedly. He believes in surrounding himself with driven individuals who he can help flourish and thrive in a market brimming with opportunity. It is individuals with a drive to do something and the heart to chase those goals that inspire and impress him, and it is with a team of such people that he intends to build a platform where they can make money.

Nitin believes that he is remarkably blessed and has always had things fall into place. He gives full credit to his family, friends, and team for holding him together and maintaining the balance. He has always valued and cherished the people around him who have significantly shaped who he is today. His mother nurtured a soft side in him that taught him how to love and put others’ needs before his own, while his father gave him his fighting spirit and is his inspiration to stand up for what he believes in.

Nitin married the love of his life in 2016 and feels fortunate to have met someone who shares his goals and dreams and has stood by him throughout. With positivity as his crown, confidence as his assets, and his family as his rock, he continues to stride forward in the real estate business, leaving no stone unturned in preserving his place among the globally renowned Indians.

In a world where everyone is focused on themselves, Nitin stands out as a diamond who not only wants to grow but also wants to pave the way for others. With his understanding and experience in the industry, he finds new ways to work around the rise and fall in the market scenario, teaching his team to survive in these uncertain situations.

Making a difference in people’s lives and establishing a better world has always been his primary motivation for striving and achieving his goals, rather than monetary gain and his personal benefit. The man with a noble plan is inclined to leave behind a legacy.

Nitin was amongst the very few people who became the hope for many job seekers during the pandemic. Talking about the effect of COVID-19 on his business, he says, “Don’t focus on the problem. We all know it exists. Instead, we can focus on being a part of the solution.”

There is no better joy in the world than just being yourself. Nitin clearly supports this concept since he only associates with people who do not compel him to be anything other than who he is. He loves being in the company of individuals he can rely on for guidance since it helps his business run well in any scenario.

Being a little too emotional is one of his weaknesses. However, it is a large part of who he is and why he is where he is today. He views it as his charming personality trait rather than a flaw that needs to be fixed.

Quite evidently, Nitin is a people person. His greatest virtue is his ability to be kind to everyone who crosses his path, which he encourages everyone to emulate.

Nitin Chopra’s message to the many who’re looking forward to some guidance in the business world is, “Every time you fall, get right back up, learn the lesson, and move past it.” One can’t help but be inspired by his positivity, eternal gratitude, and compassion for others.

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