Mohammed Mubin Mallick

Skyrocketing to Accomplishments

Leading a successful life isn’t easy. One has to grab success, follow their inner drive, and then shine with their passion. Mohammed Mubin Mallick is someone who states, agrees, and walks on these thoughts. Entrepreneur, innovator, and speaker, he is a self-dependent man with professional specialties in areas like artificial intelligence, cyber security, IT, cloud solution, and digital display & advertisement, to name a few. A combination of his skills and passion led to the inception of Kiran Smart, Kuwait’s first A.I. Humanoid Robot Company.

Mubin, an influential leader, ventured into digital solutions and robotics solutions with his IT service company, Kiran Smart. Always on the lookout to cater to the market’s needs, he set out to innovate and take steps beyond what others already offered. Since the time he realized that he had the power to think out-of-the-box and innovate, Mubin dreamed of building a company that he could run depending on his ideas than on anything else. The cradle for his innovation comes from very munificent thoughts of wanting to create job opportunities and donating the profits. It is for this reason that Mubin doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make his firm a global leading light.

Over the years of marching towards success, Mubin learned that experience gained from only one aspect of our lives doesn’t matter. Both professional and personal lives play a considerable role in making us an achiever or a failure. According to him, the success we conquer in our personal lives has a direct and positive impact on our professional lives.

Business is like ocean waves that rise and fall continually. Mubin understands this more than anyone else and embraces the alterations between profits and loss as an entrepreneur. Managing finances for his firm is one of the biggest challenges he’s faced so far. Mubin overcame this struggle by learning the skill of budgeting and implementing revenue generation methods to keep the profit steady. In his opinion, marketing, sales, and business development require an entrepreneur’s maximum attention. If given, the company generates long-term loyal customers. “It is the happy customer that generates profits for a business,” he adds.

Mubin believes that the knack to blend in every situation and accordingly defines a person’s strengths. He finds his strengths lay in leadership, strategic planning, communication, and problem-solving. Apart from displaying these at work, he also owns other attractive attributes like being honest, bold, optimistic, self-motivated, and a challenger.

Weaknesses don’t leave humans. But humans learn how to control their weaknesses constructively. Mubin recognizes his weakness as laziness, because of which he ends up wasting a lot of time. “Time is money, and money saved is money earned.” It is his relentless attempt to work on this aspect so that he can become a master at saving time and money.

Since he was little, Mubin desired to build a robot. It is the craziness to find his passion and make it a part of his profession that drove him to become a global leader in Robot Solutions and Services. It was in the year 2017 that he came across a humanoid robot. He invested time in GITEX technology and ultimately made his passion and childhood dream to come true. Understanding the working of robots and offering solutions related to them is Mubin’s only focus now.

Being the school captain, Mubin grew up as an achiever, bagging awards in various recreational activities like sports, dance, speech, etc. He continues to be an achiever even today, with awards knocking on his door for his inventiveness. Recently, he received Agata Lo Tauro Special International Award 2020 and a certificate for being the Mentor for ROBOCON 2020.

His company, Kiran Smart, is a reflection of Mubin’s achievements. It has been recognized as the Top Most Disruptive Robotics Company of 2020. The firm also received awards from the Ministry of Awqaf as the Most Innovative Company. KISR honored Kiran Smart for being their Most Innovative Supporter in Science and Technology for their Children’s Exhibition.

Focus, consistency, and patience played a substantial role in Mubin’s journey to success. His message for the youth who aspire to reach as far as he has is boosting, “Don’t give up even if you fail. Failure teaches you a lesson and makes you stronger. Accept the reality, believe in yourself, and try again!” He admits that caring for humanity and seeing a smile on people’s faces keeps him motivated in life. With a humble heart, he urges people to be thankful to God, respectful to their parents, and to be practice humility.

Mohammed Mubin Mallick, who loves robots, is every bit as human as he can be, and that ensures that no one will ever be able to steal his kind of success.

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