Niraj Mittal

A Stock Market Maven

At the young age of twenty-three, he possesses six years of experience in trading in the stock market. Niraj Mittal is the founder of a firm with more than a thousand trained and dedicated traders. His stock market training venture Trendy Traders has reached a handsome milestone of training more than eight thousand people, which he sees as his contribution towards increasing financial literacy in India.

Starting at the young age of seventeen, Niraj garnered a good insight into investment and trading, a step that was driven by his fascination with entrepreneurship and finance. The day he realized he mastered the art of investment portfolio management, he thought of sharing it for a simple reason- the stereotypes linked with the stock market. The most prominent stereotype is that a stock market is only a form of gambling or it’s a “get rich quick” scheme. Now, that escalated into an inner consensus that stressed the importance of financial literacy. Niraj wanted to change this perception. It was only possible through appropriate training and a consultation drive.

All of his thoughts and plans served as the concrete for the foundation of Trendy Traders, which grew exponentially over two years since its inception in September 2018. The motto of his endeavor is “to create a source of income for as many as viable through the stock market.” Niraj promulgated this vision with sincerity and the active support of his efficient team full of diligent and passionate members.

Today, his enterprise is among one of the finest stock training institutes in India. Niraj’s miraculously quick ascension is not only an inspiration but also a matter of incredulous amazement. However, he maintains that knowledge and confidence are the biggest assets anyone can possess, and he extends the credit for his success to his consistent, disciplined, and uncompromising work for the last two years. Apart from providing suitable training through Trendy Traders, he also organizes various seminars and webinars on investment and trading. Having recognized the importance of proper mentoring during his stock market counseling, Niraj started training early-stage start-ups with sure-shot business strategies.

For the twenty-three-year-old entrepreneur, investor & digital marketer, finance, entrepreneurship, travel, and innovation are not only sources of pleasure, but his passion. While he is shouldering the cause of spreading financial literacy and helping beginners understand the tricks and tips for trade and investment, Niraj has also entered the world of media through a new venture, Trendy Marketers. It is an enterprise co-founded with Pranjal Prasad that offers Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and Business Development solutions. Discipline, patience, and consistency are not just his motto, but he has also incorporated them into his company’s tag line to inspire and motivate his team.

He calmly manages his team by being patient whether the company is at a loss or profit by focusing on the larger goals. This approach keeps the team at ease, encouraging them to give their best output. Though he was quick to get all the fame and recognition, success was never easy to accomplish. From being a one-man army who would take any upcoming task singlehandedly to realizing the necessity of a team, creating a team, and expanding the business & workforce were challenging tasks considering all other responsibilities. It has indeed been a learning journey for Niraj.

There were many other challenges he encountered in terms of market conditions and the economy. But he sailed across the turbulent times commendably. Niraj’s firm is ever-growing due to his relentless efforts aimed at nothing beyond advancing his business. What started in 2018 as a small enterprise to train people in the nuances of trade and investment progressed to become the leading stock market training institute in India.

Today, the company has spread its services beyond borders to countries like Australia, UAE, and Singapore. The success of his business idea earned him several recognitions in a brief span of two years. These include the India 500 Quality Leaders Award and the Best Online Stock Market Training Institute by Top 100 Summit and News Track Live.

Many stalwarts take advice from his firm before investing in various schemes. In the ever-changing world of the stock market, where risks and rewards go hand in hand, he shows the way to ensure good returns on investment. Many became full-time traders after earning mentorship from Niraj’s firm. Quite some people have benefited from the training provided by Trendy Traders and now have an additional source of income. Niraj believes that careful investments can be beneficial for the economic growth of an individual. “Stock market investment has great potential,” he adds.

Niraj Mittal endures to educate people about the “fundas” of the stock market. He makes them financially literate, independent to make investments and fearless leading to multiplying their wealth.

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