Jinal Joshi

How difficult is it for a Guajarati girl to survive in the competitive Bollywood world?

This is a very interesting question; I do not essentially associate with the term Bollywood as I don’t understand its identity and physical limits. Also, I am a true Mumbaikar; I was born here and I am better at English, Hindi and Marathi than in Gujarati. With regards to the struggle, I always knew it won’t be easy. If there was one thing I heard time and again, it was that it’s not an easy choice and there will be a lot of trouble. I think one needs to earn one’s place in this extremely competitive world and that requires mental conditioning about acceptance for multiple attempts and even rejections. For me, I am personally happy with the progress and look forward to continuing on this path.

You are regular gym hopper, what keeps you glued to such high fitness goals?

Honestly, there is no better motivation than work. While the popular belief is that this industry is all about first impressions, I would like to say that fitness pays a very important part for shooting schedules. I was once shooting a sequence where my hands were tied to a tree above my head using a rope; it gets extremely difficult to deliver dialogues and maintain your character with the constant pain. This was the time I realized that there is no substitute to fitness as I don’t want to make the entire crew wait and even delay the shoot as I am unfit and have low physical tolerance levels.

Acting is natural and acquired, where do you stand?

It’s a mix and just like it happens with cooking, the recipe gets better with practice. I am a student of both the ideologies and love both Method and Meisner techniques while I take inspiration from great works and try to recreate some magical moments of cinema while I am home alone.

You are a social media sensation with a growing list of followers; please share your magic with our readers.

Like major scientific breakthroughs, this happens to be a discovery while trying something else. I had used all my savings to learn acting professionally and right after acting school, I had to make a portfolio. So we headed to a beach and clicked some pictures with scenic background. I later realized that those pictures were not something that go into a portfolio and I shared them on my personal Instagram page which had around 2300 followers ever since my college days. Within a week my following had multiplied five times and then there was no looking back. It has been the best blessing in disguise for me.

Are you foodie, which food do you relish the most?

I am a foodie at heart and if you meet me on one of my cheat days, you would be surprised with my appetite. I love all types of food but daal rice prepared by my mom is the ultimate food for me.

What do you carry in your vanity bag? The make up you like and the look you will like to flaunt?

I wish I was answering this question at some other time. Ever since the pandemic broke out, the vanity bag has been unused and looks are limited to comfort or the minimums. Having said that I am a big fan of retro and would love to flaunt a vintage ensemble.

How is the life in glamour world? What are your thoughts regarding the same?

This is a tricky one. I believe I don’t have sufficient experience to comment even from my own perspective about it in general. However I am honored to be a part of this fraternity and love the idea of being part of works that will be alive even after ages and generations to come.

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