Jaime Bronstein

LCSW, Licensed Relationship Therapist, Coach, Author, and Speaker

The world is full of human emotions; each one is different. The complexity we create in our minds ends up affecting our relationships. Our bond with others in our personal and professional lives greatly influences the quality of our lives. However, many of us struggle in the realm of relationships and, in particular, finding love. The great news is there is salvation to every problem, and that’s where a relationship coach comes in to help.

Jaime Bronstein, a licensed relationship therapist with over 20 years of experience, is known for her show on LA Talk Radio, “Love Talk Live,” where she helps with dating and relationships.

Jaime is recognized for her credible work, wherein she was named “The #1 Relationship Coach Transforming Lives in 2020” by Yahoo Finance. At an early age, Jaime discovered her passion for studying and understanding people; and how and why they operate the way they do. This led her to pursue her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Boston University, her master’s degree in social work from New York University, and a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica. Today, Jaime is highly sought after to share her advice by various media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC News, The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, and many more.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved love. My name in French (‘J’aime’) means “I love,” so it makes sense that I became a relationship therapist and coach,” says Jaime. Jaime looks at people’s lives with a wide lens and then encourages them to step into their authentic empowerment to either manifest love, strengthen their relationship, or navigate a breakup or divorce.

Jaime has learned that growing a business doesn’t happen overnight. But the undaunting and fearless woman never stopped hustling. Her extensive hard work, perseverance, and a lot of patience paid off with a well-known brand that grows exponentially every day.

Moreover, she feels women are making progress in the workforce as a society. As a woman leader, she feels a lot of support in today’s organizational culture for working women. “Many women are starting to receive higher pay for the work that they provide,” shares Jaime.

If there’s one thing that the last couple of years has proven to this world, it’s that above all, people need people, people need love, and it’s essential to connect. Jaime inspires her clients to experience the love, passion, and connection vital to people’s quality of life and overall well-being.

Jaime helps her single clients love themselves unconditionally, find happiness regardless of their status, and heal their past to manifest the RIGHT person for them. Jaime inspires her clients who are in relationships to “adore and treat each other with respect, love each other and prioritize their relationship.”

She also helps her clients to excel at their careers by encouraging them to know their worth, strive to grow, and give back, which is very important. “Philanthropy is key.” When you can give as a couple, it’s even better.

As a speaker, she believes that motivation, dedication, and passion take you towards success. Hence, if something doesn’t work out your way, you should pick yourself up and keep moving. The truth, is that everything is meant to be, so if a particular relationship, project, or job doesn’t happen, you need to move on and trust that there is a reason. She encourages her clients to know that “something better is waiting just around the corner.”

Jaime balances her life like a pro. Jaime believes that taking breaks with family nurtures her relationships. Jaime is intentional about having date nights with her husband and spending time with family on the weekends when there’s no school or work. She adds, “It is essential to have balance as a wife and a mom. It’s not healthy to be running on empty. You have put on your oxygen mask first before the ones you take care of,” which is why she takes time for yoga class, time to read and time to write.

Jaime has recently been honored with prestigious awards such as “ The # 1 Relationship Coach to Follow in 2022” from The American Reporter. She is one of the “Top 20 Relationship Coaches of 2022” from CoachFoundation.com, which has an audience of over 240,000 and has been featured in publications like Forbes, The New York Times, Thrive Global and many more.

A true woman leader, we asked Jaime what her strength is, and she revealed, “My strength is my intuition, my strength of heart and staying in my integrity. I trust in the timing of my life. Things work out when they are supposed to. Opportunities arrive with hard work, passion, and perseverance.

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