Elliott Parsons

Co-Managing Partner, LUXE Digital Now Corporation/ Leading Human Resource Counsel

Dynamic and dashing Elliott Parsons is a veritable HR expert as well as a people’s person. Which goes to prove how and why he has succeeded in leading various management verticals across different industries for more than two decades.

A graduate from the prestigious Community College of the Air Force as well as American Military University, Elliott enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1996 and retired from active duty in January 2020. During that period, he acquired specialty skills maintaining Aerospace Ground Equipment, hazardous material management, Field Training Instructor, Resource Advisor (budget Management), and First Sergeant (Director of Human Resources).

‘No-one succeeds alone’

In his 23 year enlistment, Elliott earned three Associate Degrees, which are Aerospace Ground Equipment Technologies, Instructor of Technology and Military Science, and Human Resource Management. Additionally, he was awarded a Professional Management Certification and credits towards his BA in Human Resource Management.

Speaking about his military achievements, especially while working abroad, Elliott says, “I earned many awards for meritorious service such as Achievement, Commendation, and Meritorious Service Medals. These are typically individual awards, but I cherished more the team awards I was part of. Awards like Squadron of the Year, Hospital of the Year, etc. These are the types of awards that help me understand that organisational success requires many people working towards the same strategic goal.”

That learning came in handy when post retirement, Elliott joined the LUXE Digital Now Corporation as Co-Managing Partner. Result-driven with exceptional communication, interpersonal, multitasking, administrative, organisational, and problem solving skills, Elliott leads all HR operations at LUXE. An Employee Relations Specialist, he works closely with employees to improve relationships while building morale and increasing productivity and retention. Additionally, he provides HR policy guidance and mentoring in support of succession.

“The passion that drives me is learning and growing as a professional and as a person. People are my passion as well, as I love to watch people succeed and achieve their goals. It really is inspiring. Giving people opportunities and empowering them while providing the support they need can bring out their best,” says Elliott.

He credits his newest opportunity to Jacqueline Hudson, CVO/CEO of LUXE Digital Now Corporation: “Jacqueline has this incredible vision and passion for luxury beauty and business. She works very hard and I really admire her. She truly is the one that introduced me to business. I met her shortly after retiring from the military, when I was looking for my next career challenge.”

Thanks in part to his military service, Elliott has been lucky to have worked under some great leaders. Stating how he wouldn’t have been a good leader without their guidance and expertise, he adds, “They believed in me and saw something within me. Like them, I’m going to pay that forward and continue to develop leaders for our future. No-one succeeds alone.”

How did Elliott balance the challenges in his personal and professional life, we ask him. “I learned that during my military career and it all came down to time management and prioritising. It really helps to have what we call a ‘Battle Rhythm’. Simply put, it is establishing a schedule of the standard daily, weekly and monthly tasks. My personal life was much like my professional life as I had days I would play golf, workout, do wood-work, and educate myself to decompress and remain balanced,” answers Elliott.

It couldn’t have been easy to take on a new role as the pandemic approached. How did Covid 19 change Elliott’s reality? “Nothing was untouchable over the past year, and we are still feeling the effects. After some serious thought and discussion, we recognised that the pandemic was in our favour because we are in the technology industry. Our technology can be utilised on a mobile device as easily as it can in a brick and mortar set-up. Our strategic goals didn’t change, although we did have to adopt a large amount of patience,” shares Elliott.

As a leader used to rising above challenges, what message does Elliott have for our readers? “My message is – stay curious and don’t stop learning. Gain perspective from others, and be willing to discover yourself. My mantra to growth and development is – never leave anybody behind, they may just need a nudge to understand they too can rise to the challenge,” reveals Elliott.

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