Giuseppe Angelo Di Sandolo

Entrepreneur that loves to create emotions, unique experiences, and make people happy.

Versatile! That would be one of the perfect terms to describe Giuseppe Angelo Di Sandolo. This man has achieved so many glorious milestones that most people can only dream of. A colossal personality from the hospitality industry, Giuseppe had a natural propensity for hospitality since his childhood.

Giuseppe started his career working in a 5-star hotel. From there, he interfaced with the world of luxury and has been strongly fascinated by it ever since. Turns out, Giuseppe’s family was not very happy about it because they wanted him to have a great engineering career. That being said, Giuseppe received multiple international awards for providing excellent service. He also created a software management system to help and speed up communication between departments. The speed and efficiency of the system leveled up to 500% as compared to the traditionally used methods.

In 2013, Giuseppe founded One Luxury Day, which helped many companies and people to create luxury events. Along with experiences and emotions, it provides a service of excellence to the customers. Then in 2020, Giuseppe wrote a book ‘Il Business del Lusso’, which is now a best-seller on Amazon. Given that he is an all-rounder, Giuseppe has also contributed to society as a teacher. He has created video courses revolving around Hospitality for institutes like Welevel Academy, Lazio Turismo and Elis Institute. Lately, he has been a speaker and moderator at Hospitality Day and Luxury Hospitality Conference which were held in the year 2021. For One Luxury Day, Giuseppe and his team won a Luxury Lifestyle Award for the Best Luxury Experiences in Italy. And lastly, like a cherry on the cake, Giuseppe as a Ferrari team Manager made a Guinness world record Roma-Nordkapp in Ferrari.

Intriguingly, the concept of One Luxury Day originated after Giuseppe conversed with a Russian Guest. The guest asked him if he knew a company that organizes everything without stress or losing time. Tada!!! Giuseppe who was a concierge at the time came to realize that there were no such companies in Italy. Hence, the birth of One Luxury Day, a luxury service company offering all kinds of luxury services and top luxury experiences to luxury customers.

When it comes to maintaining the equilibrium between professional and personal lives, Giuseppe is a man with a plan. He says it’s important for him to properly organize the week’s schedule, it helps him to focus on the important things that he has to manage, both in his business and personal life. In Giuseppe’s perspective, it is fundamental to have a great relationship based on trust with his company’s guests. Giuseppe has a little secret for this – it is to be more active making sports to be lucid during the most stressful moments. He does not believe in wasting energy as he also wants to cherish beautiful moments with his family.

Giuseppe also believes that the hospitality business is one of the hardest but fastest ways to grow. In his own words, “If you are not hungry and persevering, you will never succeed.”

The zeal or passion that encourages Giuseppe to keep working is LOVE. He loves what he does, he loves to see a smile on his guest’s face, he loves to organize something unique, he loves to make a “Wow Effect”, he loves to create something that has never been made before and finally, he loves to talk with a client to understand his/ her needs. Giuseppe firmly believes that anyone who loves his work makes more than just money. He says, “What I definitely LOVE is to make people happy!”

Giuseppe says the Covid 19 pandemic has had a big effect on his profession. Hospitality, event, and Luxury experiences have had a big impact during the pandemic and at the beginning, it was not so easy to understand what to do. He realized that people had much more free time and it was the right time to get in touch with them and create new proposals. A perfect time to offer services like the condos services launched in 2020 by One Luxury Day.

When the luxury giant was asked, “What’s luxury to you?” He responded poetically, he says, Luxury is a white canvas, on which you can paint whatever you want. Based on your guest’s indications/ needs, a magnificent piece of art can be created. Luxury is not a simple world; it is a reason to understand people and make people happy. It goes without saying, making people happy is the mantra of his professional life.

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