Dr. GVP Rao

The Master Heart of Hearts

We cannot trust lives in the hands of anyone, but Dr. GVP Rao isn’t just “anyone.” He’s the specialist who adds life to failing hearts, not just as a doctor but also as a compassionate person who connects with patients and their families on a human level. Also referred to as “India’s greatest pride,” Dr. GVP Rao is the Founder and CEO of Hridhayam Heart Clinic. He is also a Senior Consultant Cardiologist for several reputed institutions, including NMH Heart Care Center, a dedicated cardiac hospital located in Nashik.

A specialist in Cardiology, the field responsible for contributing to treating indisposed hearts, Dr. GVP Rao is the son of Sri G Sudhakar, a retired executive engineer from HMWW&SB Hyderabad, Magistrate for Lok Adalat, Ex-chairman of Institution of Engineers AP Chapter, and is now a Syndicate Council Member of IEI. Raised among three younger brothers and a sister by father Sri G Sudhakar and mother G Saroja, Dr. GVP Rao has become the son and brother who altruistically works towards helping numerous families heave a sigh of relief.

Over these fifteen years plus of practice, Dr. GVP Rao has executed over ten thousand angiographies, a thousand angioplasties and treated over a thousand patients. A goldmedalist from MR Medical College, he visualized beyond what most people do and acquired a Ph.D. in Cardiology from New Age International University, Italy. But what makes him double the maestro is his double Ph.D. Cardiology in Heart Failure. Dr. Rao is proficient in dealing with heart-related afflictions with speedy diagnoses, because of which people look forward to handing their health in his magical hands.

In between these two doctorate degrees, Dr. Rao has inveterated his passion through two fellowships in Medicine and Cardiology from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, and Madras Medical Mission, Chennai. Listed among “The Masterminds of India,” he is also a member of the American College of Cardiology and a member of the Cardiological Society of India. As one of the leaders in the field of Cardiology, Dr. Rao has participated in several International Conferences at ACC, the European Society of Cardiology, the World Federation of Cardiac Imaging, Clinical Cardiology, and Cardiological Society of India.

But it isn’t just cardiology in which Dr. Rao specializes. Having lived in various cities of India and abroad, he is also an expert in several languages, including English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, and Urdu.

Despite being one of the top cardiologists in the world, there is yet another of his attributes for which people not just respect but also love Dr. Rao. It is his kind-heartedness for people, their sufferings, and their financial instabilities that people love the most. The Best Humanitarian Awards in 2021 is proof of the same. Dr. Rao has traveled the length and breadth of the nation, trying to reach the remotest of the locations, endeavoring to help the lesser privileged with health check-ups and treatments.

“Reaching out to treat people was what my heart desired. I wanted to reach out and help people in rural India who have no access to basic healthcare facilities. Many face financial problems and cannot afford the financial burden of expensive medical bills. I built a team of medical assistants and doctors, and we traveled throughout rural India. We conduct free health check-up camps and spread awareness by organizing seminars and lectures,” shares Dr. Rao.

He now focuses on Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart failure by rendering services to rural India. This man, who we can proudly call a blessing in disguise for ailing hearts, aims to work towards methods of preventing heart attacks and hypertension by coaching people about healthy lifestyles, preventive measures, and helpful tips.

A receiver of over fifteen prestigious awards in these fifteen years of practice, Dr. Rao continues to improvise and offer world-class treatment, making him every bit worthy of the Best Cardiologist India for the “Outstanding Contribution for Heart Failure and Rehabilitation” award at the National Excellence Awards 2021.

Recently, the Punjab State Legislation and the Health Ministry Awarded Dr. GVP Rao the prestious “Pillars of Medical Sciences 2021- Cardiology as an Interventional, Heart Failure and Rehabilitation specialist by the hand of Sri Balbir Singh Sidhu, Health Minister, Punjab.

Dr. Rao is also the Chartered Fellow Member, Commitee of Central Christian University, Malawi, East Africa, a Life Member and Reviewer of Cardiac Article Institute of Scholars, Bengaluru, and a Life Member of World Human Rights Protection commission.

Believing in the phrase, “Change is the only constant,” Dr. Rao stays updated with the latest technologies in the medical world, wanting to give his patients uncomplicated procedural and healing processes.

Dr. GVP Rao is the kind of doctor that every ailing person needs in times of health problems. It is not every day that we come across doctors who are more for the patients and less about themselves. We pronounce him the Master Heart of Hearts to jointly celebrate his humility and expertise!

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