Dr. Shailesh Thaker


Dr. Shailesh Thaker, exhibits Leadership with demonstration, CEO’s Coach and a renowned Public Speaker in Canada & the USA.

Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior
and development.

He is the CLO, of Knowledge Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices. As a management guru, Dr. Thaker is always in demand as a keynote speaker, business coach, HR trainer and training guru for management and training conferences. He has helped millions to achieve their personal and professional goals in a career spanning over three decades, Dr. Thaker has contributed immensely in Organizational behavior across the world.

He has a doctorate in Cognitive Thinking (India) and International Training Fellow (ITF-USA). He is
included in the list of 100 best management thinkers and gurus of the world. As a leadership guru and
management thinker, he has introduced ideas in the management world. He has also been appointed as the president of www.redberrionlineuniversity.com, a U.S.-based corporate management university.

Recently, he has been listed as “platinum” author on www.evancarmichael.com, a leading Canadabased
portal on management; the only person from South-East Asia to be honored with this title.

He has been invited by world-class management institutes and universities including Seneca, IBA, CBM,
Sp Jain, IMI, ITI, LUMS, NIFT, AMA, Knowledge Village, Karachi University, Iqara University, Ned University, and GTU university.

His mission in life is: “To selflessly help humanity use its potential 15 % more to achieve all the goals of life.”

Born on February 27, 1960, in Ahmedabad, the commercial capital of Gujarat, his contributions based on research on Cognitive Thinking and Creative Writing On Children of 14 years have been phenomenal. He was the first to be awarded a Ph.D. by SP University in this field in the state. He was also awarded International Training Fellowship (ITF- 94) in South Korea for contribution and learning methodology in adult learning and development by JCI University. Dr. Thaker became the third person in the SAARC nations to have received this prestigious fellowship.

As a mentor, Dr. Thaker has impacted varied profiles from Vice-Chancellors to Missile Scientists, Navy
officers, IPS officers, Jurists, Judges, HR professionals, Doctors, Journalists, and Principals, Directors of
colleges, CEOs, Managers & more. He has delivered 18,500 hours of extensive training and development
modules through 1,850 management workshops that were attended by 1,90,000 participants across all
continents, covering diverse nationalities and over 62 countries.

Dr. Thaker, as a visionary thinker has a multitude of technical blueprints for over 30 areas, to include papers about the GDP, Economy, Youth, Skills, Start-Ups, Power, Water, Green Energy, Happiness, Education, and Health. One of his profound work in research is for World Without Borders Inc, Canada.
He also writes blogs and has more than 10,000 readers per day. Pursuing his nonfor- profit objectives, he plans to donate the commercials earned by sales of his latest and most anticipated book- ‘INDIA@2050’ to the Indian Council of Social Welfare for Youth and Women Development. His immense contribution towards ‘coaching’ in India, is quite appreciable for training and certifying 500 soft skills trainers across multiple expertise from development, design, and conduct training programs in rural and urban India.

Dr. Thaker has been invited at several prestigious conferences to his thoughts and wisdom, some of them being Japan, Korea, Africa, Canada, USA, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, and Pakistan to share practices of Indian wisdom, ethics, and values in his lectures. Renowned German Philosopher Dr. Charles Savage has described him as “co-mentor and co-coach of the earth’. The Indian Express has shown him as the “spiritual guru on his making”. EFP had honored his work by offering HRD GURU AWARD Year of 2016 at Pakistan for improving living standards of humanity and relationship at large in both countries.

Dr. Thaker as a creative writer began writing his blog in 2008, while now, his blog is ranked in the top 50 blogs by several institutions, moreover, Google rated his blog as numero uno in the last two
years with the traffic of 12 crore keywords. To better his scale of efforts, he began posting articles on the blog. The demand took off, and by the year 2014, the blog has traffic from 65 countries per month. He continues to post inspirational and motivational articles daily at 5 am and has reached millions of registered users in more than 75 countries who now have access to over a thousand articles covering a
variety of subjects. Dr. Thaker has authored 64 books in one year and won himself the coveted Guinness Book of World Record in the year 2017.

Listed in the top 30 leadership professionals of the world for the years 2015 and 2016 and has trained more than 20,000 managers personally in workshops and seminars. His thought-provoking lectures
inspire young executives, experienced managers, and proven CEOs to improvise performance and explore self-potential to the fullest.

Dr. Thaker serves as an honorary director IEVBC-GTU(biggest university of the Gujarat state) and has
invited more than 100 world-class trainers and thinkers to develop leadership skills among principals
and directors of colleges and institutions without any commercial charges; the university was hugely
benefited by the leadership excellence meet and ethical dilemmas conference. He has been decorated
by civic, educational and management organizations from all over the world for the prestigious biographical listing including Currently, he is working on Global leadership and management.

A few excerpts from his interview with Passion Vista:

PV: Sir, What has been your greatest failure? And what did you learn from it?

Dr. Shailesh: Coming over greatest fear of being zero for more than once, yet kickstarting the 3rd time is what I believe in. My life learning instills in me, to never lose confidence and faith in ourselves. Nature plays a vital role in life, we must have clean intentions and belief from inside.

PV: What role does God play in your life & leadership?

Dr. Shailesh: To me ‘God’ is just a name, it could be defined as nature or infinite intelligence or supreme authority. There is a power field much powerful than our existence. I do feel guided by this supreme force towards major decisions in my life both professionally and personally.

PV: Can you please tell us about “Execution?” What do you do to ensure that your Strategic Plans actually become reality?

Dr. Shailesh: Execution is everything. I love planning the strategy to move forward to achieve the desired goal. But doing is most important, by that I recommend working for 8 hours net, making sure the short goals are met within stipulated time, and allow the results of the work to speak for themselves. I believe, that the world is in search of more ‘doers’ than ‘thinkers’.

PV: What do you do to keep your family Priority #1? With the busy schedule, you keep.

Dr. Shailesh: Balance is everything in Life. Family is undoubtedly the topmost priority. A leader is responsible for the happiness of the family. I take joint decisions consulting my family members, even if
it requires me to drop my fancy ideas, sometimes, to accommodate more family time.


  • Ranked in the 100 top management gurus of the world -2010 by Blackpear.inc.uk.
  • Ranked in the 30 top management gurus of the world -2012 by Managementgurus.net
  • ITF (International Training Fellowship honored by JCI UNI, USA.)
  • Selected platinum author and leadership authority by www.evancarmaichel.com, Toronto, Canada.
  • Outstanding Citizen of Ahmedabad, India by Ahmedabad Municipal Corpor

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