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Story of Dr. M.M. Singhi, a self-made and an honorable legal-Consultant of India, with an undying desire to serve humanity.

Dreams are free but hustles are sold separately. These words astutely describe Dr. M. M. Singhi’s encouraging story, one of the rags to riches kinds, reaffirming that perseverance is the pedestal of success. This is an anecdote of a boy, self-sustaining his education from higher secondary to becoming a top-notch Legal Consultant in India for securing Debentures and a philanthropist with energy even a youth would envy. Highly admired and honored for his professional achievements and benevolence, he
shines as a light to the younger generation for his exemplary vision, dedication, time management, and

This charismatic septuagenarian lawyer has every law book published from 1836 until today in his
personal library. It is Gujarat’s biggest collection of Law Books with an estimated value of more than INR 600 Lacs. The book suppliers are of the opinion that his library is amongst the top 10 in India.

Born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on 31st December 1939, Mohanraj Mishrimal Singhi popularly called Dr. M.
M. Singhi, completed his primary and secondary education in Falna. He graduated in 1955-56 in Bachelor of Commerce from SM College of Commerce, University of Jodhpur. His father introduced him to Shri Sampatraj Bhandari (IAS), who volunteered to teach him English for six months and, sent him to one of his friends – Shri Shubhkaran Dugar, an owner of a textile company in Ahmedabad.

In 1960, on World Labor Day, he set his foot in Ahmedabad. The textile mill hired him as a typist and
a stenographer. With the owner’s permission, he joined Sir L. A. Shah Law College, Ahmedabad and graduated in L.L.B. in 1962. His quest for knowledge made him pursue L.L.M. However, with the success rate being only 4% at the time, he flunked twice. Also, he was fired for studying without seeking
prior permission. Around this time, he purchased his success tool – his typewriter, got married to Mrs. Veena Singhi and started preparing for judicial services.

With his wife’s influence, he visited Shri Vijay Shantisuriji’s temple (Mandoli, Rajasthan) in 1966. He considers this his life-changing experience. On returning, he received a telegram for a job interview
as a Liaison and Legal Officer in Gujarat Cotton Mill, Ahmedabad. He secured the job and decided to take it despite being grief-stricken over his mother’s sudden demise. Encouraged by his wife, he took a month’s leave from office to study further. At the behest of fate, he was fired again but this time, he cleared L.L.M.

He joined the famous law firm – I.M. Nanavati for a minimal salary and a prerequisite to not go to the
High Court. Then, he joined C. C. Gandhi & Co. and La-Gajjar simultaneously. He worked for a decade until his wife insisted him to start his own work. With a loan from a bank, he founded his firm, M/s Singhi & Co. on 16th June 1979.

In 1982, Mr. Singhi bagged the assignment for adjudication and registration of Debenture Trust Deed due to his no profit quote. His views regarding Debenture Route through Gujarat were endorsed and he was advised to practice in debentures documents. His perseverance made him the ‘Debenture King’ with numerous national and multi-national clients.

Today M/s Singhi & Co. is one of the most reputed law firms in India, poised for greater heights with his
entire family as his support, where his son Mr. Sandeep Singhi is an eminent and practicing corporate lawyer, while extended family are in the property development business, operating from a large premise ‘Singhi House’ in, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Dr. Singhi believes in giving back to the society, he is associated with hospitals, schools, temples and cowprotection centers. He has rightly founded the Mrs. VeenaSinghi College of Nursing and Mr. M.M.
Singhi Institute of Nursing at Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. Currently, he is the Trustee of Rajasthan Hospitals, Lions Club of Karnavati Foundation, Karnavati Lions Education Foundation Trust, Sulabh Heart and Healthcare Foundation, Preksha Dhyan Academy and Advisor of Shri Vardhman Shikshan Samiti in Beawar, Shri Jawahar Jain Shikshan Sansthan School, Udaipur and Global Vision Society in Jodhpur.

All in all Dr. Singhi is an illustrious Legal-Consultant of India, with an undying desire to serve humanity.

Here are a few excerpts of the Interview with Dr. Singhi,

PV: What has been your greatest failure? And what did you learn from it?

Dr. Singhi: Despite failing L.L.M twice, I was persistent to reappear the third time. I cleared it. This failure taught me how determination and persistence can make anything possible. Those lessons have stayed with me throughout every aspect of my life.

PV: God – What role does God play in your life and leadership?

Dr. Singhi: According to me, God is a superpower and, is Omnipresent. I believe there is only one god with different names. Firm belief always leads a person to the right path and provides strength to do the right thing. My faith has acted as a guiding force in my life and made me a grateful and sensitive human being.

PV: Can you please tell us about Execution? What do you do to ensure that your Strategic Plans actually largehearted?

Dr. Singhi: Execution is a pillar to success. Discipline, time management and a motto of ‘why not now’,
ensure the implementation of my strategic plans. A positive approach and quick decisions help me to create those ideas. In my experience, 95% of those quick decisions are right and the 5% that go wrong, teach something for tomorrow. Dedication to everything that you do is a must to make your dreams
come true.

PV: Family – What do you do to keep your family Priority #1 with the busy schedule you keep?

Dr. Singhi: Family is pivotal. In my opinion, living with a family is the key to stability. It is the center around which your life revolves. In today’s modern lifestyle, we don’t sit with family as much as we used to do in the past. But still, those are the ones who will always stick by. It is easier to share our happiness
and sorrow, share ideas and suggestions with our family members than with strangers. One should be
large-hearted so that there is no ill-will amongst members. I make sure to have weekly family meals. It is the commitment we all make to be with each other no matter what.

PV: What are the keys to developing the next generation of leaders in your world?

Dr. Singhi: As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I am a firm believer in that. I think education is the premise of all progress humankind makes. Educating a child is educating society and the public at large. It is a step towards a better future.

Being able to contribute to it is very soul-satisfying.

We should give back to society to the best of our efforts, through either service or finance.

PV: What defines your passion? What are you passionate about, and why? How does it either mold you
as a person/your business/your service in 40 words?

Dr. Singhi: If you have a purpose, you normally will have passion.

My purpose is for the betterment of society and, my work gives life to that purpose. That’s what makes me passionate about doing it. I have learned determination, conviction and a way to give back the love and acceptance.

PV: State your company/ brand mission 2030 in 30 words.

Dr. Singhi: Our mission is to inspire the youth through education, humanity and positivity and, to encourage collective contribution towards the betterment of the society. Having reached this stage one should give back to the Society for various charitable and philanthropic purposes

Dr. Singhi’s message to society:

“We should give back to society to the best of our abilities. Kind acts and good deeds are always rewarding.”

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