Shellie L Robinson


Shellie L Robinson, President World Trust Media Network, a global humanitarian,
speaker shares with us the genesis of the network.

Hailing from a divorced family at the age of 1 1/2. Father a civil engineer and her mother ran an assisted
living business from home. Shellie’s highest level of education is high school, where she ran track and
was a cheerleader, received several All-Star Cheerleading Awards through the NCAA, NCAA All-Star Cheerleader in Macy’s Day London Parade, won several individual dance awards, Community College
Cheerleading Coach. From the age of 33 to 40 years, she battled and overcame homelessness, opioid
addiction, poverty and the loss of parental rights.

It wasn’t through academic or scholastic accomplishment, money or prestigious power that gained Shellie her experience. It was through the custody loss of her daughter that lead her to walk the path of Christ with God, the Angel’s and then into creating World Trust Media Network. Shellie was willing to do whatever it took to reconcile and heal her life with her daughter. The answer God gave her walked
the path of Christ which lead her to Allah. It was through walking that path in which Shellie faced the basics of life’s adversities first hand and gained deep insight and connection to the needs of those suffering in the world.

The vision for World Trust Media Network was thus created by a series of synchronized events in her life for over a decade, triggered by praying to God to heal her daughter and her life as it became unmanageable. She noticed a great need for assistance for the people with suffering, everywhere. Many world economic systems did not allow and rather blocked assistance flow for these pained people. There were many reasons for these blockages yet Shellie could see world business and media were the #1 reasons for these obstructions. Her deep desire to help people with the basic tools to lead a happy, healthy, balanced life, and her walking the path of christ formed such a passion for the suffering that actually gave birth and meaning to create the concept of World Trust Media Network. Taking the two ends of the spectrum and connecting them, she created a bridge point for ‘the suffering’ and ‘the successful’ to work together in co-creating stability, independence and balance through World Trust
Media Network(WTMN).

Shellie believes in the power of teamwork in bringing about world understanding and prosperity. Taking her vision forward, she created a media and live virtual business media networking platform dedicated to helping those in need, to offer world economic support through a network of ethical business humanitarians that support individuals and businesses to build upon. The network design is to provide
immediate aid to society in three critical sectors; finance, food, and healthcare.

WTMN is an NGO Economic Support Network that offers Living, Independent, Fair, Eco; LIFE. It is simple, easy to use and designed with a clear path to overcoming life’s basic adversities using free resources, humanitarian connections, and education as its core programming. In the first few months, back in 2014, the concept idea of an NGO Economic Media Network very quickly gained the attention of those in influential positions around the world. Some of the followers and contacts, the network gained were direct connections to the Elites in Hollywood and the Music Industry, several world Government Organizations, NASA Hubble Space Station Operator and United Nations Representatives. Since then, there has been no looking back for WTMN caught the attention of Disney, Microsoft, E-Entertainment, World Banks, Oil & Energy Companies, Retail Giants, Media & Film Giants, Major
Financial Institutions and so many more.

Her passion is to walk in the footsteps of Christ. To help others embody the essence of the Holy Spirit within them and utilize WTMN as Christ’s ministry in bringing assistance to those in need through connecting the suffering with the successful.

Now, WTMN is in a unique position to create, develop and produce niche evolutionary media in conjunction with transformational impact business marketing. The intentions are to stimulate financial stability, offer affordable healthcare, and GMO-free food worldwide. Regardless of one’s location,
language, race, sex or decree, WTMN provides FREE access to prosperity enhancing, health and wellness conscious media programs. From independent TV networks, collaboration in over 150 countries, individual media branding, media & event production, live broadcasting, consumer & commercial marketing to turn-key business media apps with social media exposure. WTMN is your go-to self-help support system. WTMN is your ultimate humanitarian media business partner. They offer cutting edge business media systems and some of the best-tailored marketing services in the world.

When asked Shellie about, what made WTMN unique and so easily accepted, she replied ‘I perceive no one as a competitor. Currently, there are no competitors as World Trust Media Network is the 1st of its design and makes its existence very unique and valuable. They’re others who have wanted to figure out my plans and blueprint design to pursue it themselves. But I have learned by my own lessons getting upset only causes fires, burns bridges, stops my healing and business growth’.

Ms. Robinson believes and truly is guided by God, hence chooses to simply ignore people’s actions, rather shows them a better way of being and to leave the door open for healing if and when lessons are learned. Her purpose is to be led by the holy spirit in order to transcend any perceived obstacle.

WTMN’s mission is to connect humanity to financial security, a stable mindset, healthy body and a fulfilled spirit without programming dependency or destruction to ourselves or the world as a whole.

Here a few excerpts of the interview questions we asked Shellie:

PV: What has been your greatest failure? And what did you learn from it?

Shellie: Losing custody of my daughter has been my greatest lesson in adversity. I do not consider any lesson one learns as a failure. They are life’s greatest teachers, part of what creates the mechanics of life. I am grateful for this lesson even though the suffering was excruciating to endure. I was able to reconnect with God, Christ, my daughter and fulfill my life, in hindsight, it was the best thing that ever
happened to me.

PV: Shellie, we know your inclination towards God, how does he guide you in life & leadership?

Shellie: God is my #1. I was taught through the path of Christ if we embody the essence of the Holy Spirit in all our thoughts, words and actions which consist of tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and honesty we create an environment of truth, trust and transparency in all we do. By utilizing these traits an unbreakable foundation in life is created and we begin aligning all we say
and do thus resulting in the harmonic balance of the mind, body, soul. These are the essence of the holy
spirit, which is the core of how I lead myself and the operations of World Trust Media Network.

PV: Can you please tell us about “Execution?” What do you do to ensure that your strategic plans actually become a reality?

Shellie: To bring things into reality the only step that is required by me per the Holy Spirit is taking action in all I say. I am ensured by God, that if we as a team are unwavering in following in the footsteps of Christ, all we seek and need will be provided to us. Since I started walking Christ’s path everything I seek and desire has been given onto me.

PV: What do you do to keep your family priority #1? With the busy schedule, you keep.

Shellie: Being very busy I have learned is imperative to understand time management and stick to it. Set a certain amount of hours to work, personal time, errands, family and god. To me, I feel that is why the work-week, the weekend and then a time to check in with god were created. I love to spend a positive and happy time with my daughter and family members. We have a lot available to experience in this world and family helps us better our life on earth.

PV: What are the keys to developing the next generation of leaders in your words?

Shellie: To me I feel instilling the essence of the Holy Spirit through World Trust Media Network in
the next generation of leaders is vital in bringing balance and continuing life within the world. If we help
future leaders embody the essence of the Holy Spirit with the traits of tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and honesty in all they think, speak and act they will create an environment of truth, trust and transparency for the rest of the world to follow by example.

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