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Varun Chaudhary, Executive Director of CG Corp Global-Nepal, Sets the precedence for Farm-To-Fork Supply Chain for Agriculture and Packaged Ready-To-Cook Food.

A school time obsession with the Wai Wai instant noodles a product from his family ‘s business portfolio kickstarted Varun Chaudhary, third-generation scion and now Executive Director of the only Forbes
listed business family, CG Corp Global from Nepal on his entrepreneurial journey.

As a scholar at Doon School, Dehradun, a most memorable time of his life, young Varun was obsessed
with serving the constant supply of Wai Wai noodles sent by his family in myriad ways to his Doon mates. He would brainstorm on cooking up Wai Wai noodles in different ways and it is a testimony of his early skills that the noodles remained a favorite at Doon for as long as the Varun was there. Later Varun moved on to Miami University for under graduation, Dubai for Graduation and Murdoch
University Australia for MBA and Wai Wai to a global marketplace.

Motivated to doing business with a conscience, Varun at 34, spearheads the first state-of-the-art farm to fork, 100 acres Greentech Mega Food Park in Roopangarh village of Ajmer, Rajasthan, under the aegis of the CG Corp Global. He also considers it an honor to be nominated on the Board of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) known for providing prosthetics familiarly known as the Jaipur Foot which has rehabilitated over 1.55 million disabled individuals and is involved in a joint venture to bring this life-changing organization to Nepal for the very first time.

Varun divides time between homes in India, Nepal, and Dubai and heads FMCG (Foods & Beverages) in India and Internationally (Serbia, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Bangladesh), Food Parks, Agro Industries, Retail, QSR, Cement, Infra and EPC, Real Estate, Ayurveda and Biotech, Hospitality. He has a keen
interest in leading product development and strongly supports and proactively promotes digital platforms to bring CG Corp Global closer to young customers and newer audiences. In his rare leisure hours, he enjoys driving, music and traveling.

Varun transformed the noodle eating concept in India, by aiming to convert it into a lifestyle choice, which would influence quick-service restaurants for the youth and he now targets to open 1500 such stores by 2020. Wai-Wai Noodles is a Nepali brand loved by all, has made its way to dining tables across
32 countries.Unlike ordinary noodles, Wai-Wai is precooked, flavored, seasoned and fried before packaging. It comes in various seasoning flavors. The Chaudhary Group built four factories in Nepal and six factories in India for the manufacture and distribution of Wai-Wai noodles and its other brand of Instant noodles. CG Corp is expanding with new plants in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Serbia, Kazakhstan, and Egypt.

Mr. Varun Chaudhary has set up these manufacturing plants with a vision for the farmers to enhance their income through his ‘farm-tofork concept’. The research and innovation centers, provide an institutional mechanism to establish an integrated supply chain from farm to retail.

For his pioneering and innovative initiative in the food and FMCG sector, Mr. Varun Chaudhary has
been bestowed with several industry awards, a few under his belt include the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’
in Service Business – Food at the Entrepreneur Awards 2017, the Advertising Club’s most prestigious awards– the ‘Marquee Award 2017’, News18 India Group, Marquees 2017, ‘Food Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017’ by the Indian Restaurant Congress.

Varun is the Youngest Founder Member and youth president of International Vaish Federation, he also is on the Executive Committee of Doon School Old Boys Society, he is the Trustee of Chaudhary Foundation and also Chief Patron Royal Fables. Being such a youthful & visionary leader he aspires
to connect with the youth of this nation who have immense potential & acumen to enrich & revive the social, economical & political fate of the nation. Varun Chaudhary is the youngest scion and Executive Director of the only Forbes listed business family from Nepal.

A “doer,” Varun remains focused on making Wai Wai the preferred noodles for hip consumers
everywhere. Here are the excerpts of the interview with Varun:

PV: 5 management mantras according to you?

Varun: It is difficult to bring myriad facets of managing a company in five mantras. Moreover, every person will have his/her own mantra for success. For me, I follow mantras like hard work, time management, people management, value for money and, most importantly, being humble.

PV: Do you play any game which helps you in your work? How does it help? What are the lessons the
game teaches for life?

Varun: I like running if you count that as a game. I feel elevated. I run in the morning which keeps me fresh all day and helps me remain charged to take on all challenges. Exercise is the most importantelement that helps me to be not only fit but also keeps me calm and to see through things. Running give, me a lot of strength.

PV: Please share with us the Turning point in your life related to your career?

Varun: There have been many turning points that made me reach to the present. However, I categorically remember a period which changed my life course. Post the global recession, while I was handling the Dubai operations, I gained knowledge and understanding about surviving in worst conditions.

PV: Any particular person you admire who has inspired you? How? Pls explain in a few lines.

Varun: I am awestruck with my father. He is my inspiration. From where he started young to where
he is now is itself a great motivating tale. He inspires me daily, and every day is a new lesson for me when I am with him. My father’s autobiography ‘Making it Big’ is my all-time favourite book. It’s an ultimate book for the young generation to learn about rising through self-determination. Going through it I realized how one can achieve dreams by having faith in himself.

PV: What message you would like to give to youngsters ?

Varun: I would only suggest with my limited experience that one should chase dreams when you are young come what may. Do not stop or get disheartened on your journey to achieving your dream. It may take time, but you will surely achieve it, just be persistence…that is the need of the hour in today’s challenging world.

Varun’s Success Mantra: “First and foremost, you have to be a dreamer. Then you have to keep dreaming the same dream until you achieve it. You can’t envision one thing today and then jump ship to another idea tomorrow”.


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