Dr. Parin Somani

A Global Icon and Public Speaker

Dr Parin Somani is an Independent Academic Scholar, TEDx Speaker, International Motivational Speaker, Educator, Writer, Author, Journalist, Humanitarian, and Philanthropist, holding 6 Doctorate degrees and recognised five times in the World Book of Records. For over 35 years, she has worked tirelessly for positive societal development. Through her research and knowledge, Dr Parin Somani has been building bridges between the eastern and western worlds. Dr Parin Somani has travelled to more than 87 countries with an aim to help society at large. She has a wonderful family; her daughters and husband support and shares her vision of helping humanity and creating positive global change.

Dr Parin Somani is passionate about creating positive societal change. In her youth days, she worked as a Radio Presenter for All India Radio Station and a Newsreader for Ahmedabad Doordarshan Television. Her life altered drastically after she suddenly lost her vision and was diagnosed with a life threatening aggressive cancer twice, two decades apart. Having survived and regained her sight, Dr Parin Somani values the preciousness of life, thus dedicating her life to helping humanity progress towards positive societal development.

Despite encountering several health challenges and becoming a victim of Covid-19, Dr Parin Somani has demonstrated resilience and determination to educate global societies. She’s spoken in over 205 National and International webinars and conferences; during the COVID-19 pandemic, she presented at 183+ online International Webinars and Conferences in governmental and non-governmental organisations globally and educated over 100,000 people around the world through her humanitarian work.

Challenges are part of life; Dr Parin Somani believes that our perspective on situations change the way we deal with them. She combines various attributes towards leading a balanced life, including hope, belief in herself, the universe, faith, exercise, healthy eating, goodwill, and cooperation. Dr Parin is passionate about how members of society implement these learnings to bring about personal and societal development through which humanity can prosper. Hence her strong appetite for this business is to aid societal progression, improving the lives of individuals within global societies. Dr Parin Somani lives by two mottos that drive her passion for achieving her goals: 1. Serve humanity. 2. Working together to achieve a positive global change.

During the pandemic, the education sector encountered major disruptions; face-toface methods of teaching underwent a transition onto technological platforms. Dr Parin Somani used tools and resources within interactive video conferencing facilities and various software to progress education. She connected with governmental/ non-governmental institutions globally, sharing her extensive research and building bridges between societies.

Dr Parin Somani has built schools and training centres in “forgotten” villages, where less privileged individuals acquire education and tools required towards self-sustainability, improved quality of life, simultaneously contributing to local revenue and economic growth.

Dr Parin Somani has instilled within herself and shares with others that perseverance, positive outlook, self-belief, respect for all and the realisation that everything happens for a reason are strengths. She also advises that weaknesses arise when individuals set expectations from external sources rather than internally. Therefore, through hard work, viewing diversity as a strength, cooperating with others, instilling within yourself a positive outlook and goodwill, success will follow.

Dr Parin Somani is a multi-international award winner receiving 85+ awards for her inspiring humanitarian work in education, sports and many more. The following are some of the awards: Winner of Mrs India 2021; Winner of Mrs Universe International 2021; Winner Mrs India Global 2021; Winner of Mrs Brit Asian 2021 which took place in London; Golden Prestige Award 2021; The Global Star Educators Awards 2021; Gandhi Sewa Ratna Award 2021; International Prestigious Award 2021; Golden Achiever Award; Iconic Woman Diva Award 2021; Influential Indian Award 2021; International Iconic Award; SDG Global Festival Speaker Award; COVID-19 Warrior Award 2021; Rastra Ratna 2021.

Dr Parin Somani strives to serve humanity, with happiness inspiring and motivating every individual on her journey. She believes that life is not about what we have achieved; it is about what we have helped others to succeed. She believes that we can achieve success and contribute to personal and societal development by working together.

Dr Parin Somani says we will encounter numerous challenges as we enter a new normal world after disruptions from the Pandemic. Face challenges with resilience, live each moment of life to the maximum and accept change with gratitude. When you do your best in your endeavours, you will never have any regrets. When in doubt, stay still and enter a state of calmness; it is a medium through which greatness can manifest.

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