Dr. Nagma Abbasi

Influential, Inspirational, and Empowering Woman Entrepreneur

Born in the small town of Uttar Pradesh, India, Dr. Nagma spent her early years of life schooling there. She joined AMU, Aligarh, and completed Graduation, Post- Graduation, Doctorate Degree in Molecular Genetics. She did Post-Doctoral research from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi and published her research work in international journals. She pursued her Executive MBA in Business Administration from IMT Ghaziabad. Dr. Nagma’s career spans over a decade working with Esteemed Research Institutes and leading multinational companies in Life Sciences/ Biotech industry across various verticals like Product Management, Customer Segmentation, Brand Management, and Strategic Marketing.

Striving for excellence since childhood, Dr. Nagma has been committed to delivering exceptionally in her endeavours. With no prior experience in entrepreneurship, she was the first generation entrepreneur in her family. The support she received from her family and friends motivated her to work hard towards her goals. Her journey as an entrepreneur began in 2014 with the establishment of NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Her company caters to the untapped opportunities of the industry providing biological research products and services. The main aim is to bridge the gap between the needs and pains of the Life Science/ Biotech industry researchers and assist the scientists in gaining insight on the recent innovations and technologies, assuring a sound knowledge of the subject matter. With its augmented spectrum of products and solutions, NextGen empowers the mounting realm of complex analytical challenges.

Currently, NextGen is enthusiastic about the futuristic innovations in Biotechnology with a mission to discover, delineate and deliver high quality products and excellent services that enable millions of lives to live a healthy and better life. Nextgen stands firm in the market by creating a unique place. There are numerous factors that helped NextGen grow, like company culture, knowledge management, clearly defined roles, continued scalability, cash flow, development of internal tools and consistent tools, team quality, customer happiness, and more. They have grown its presence in the market, adding more customers every year.

Dr. Nagma feels an entrepreneur is a person responsible for setting up a business or an enterprise, taking the initiative, having skills for innovation, and looking for high achievements. It is essential to work for the good of people, creating employment opportunities, leading to the growth of other sectors. With outstanding leadership qualities, Dr. Nagma has accelerated personal, economic, and human development through innovation for the maximum social good.

Dr. Nagma has received many awards like Indian Achievers Award 2021 “Entrepreneur of the Year,” Woman of the Year Award 2021 by Digi live, Entrepreneur of the Year in Trading Business 2020 – MSMECCII Genentech Asia Award, Entrepreneur of the Year Biotechnology and Healthcare Industry 2020 – Power Brands, Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 – Business Connect Magazine. Dr. Nagma has also featured as one of the “Top Inspiring Business Leaders Making Difference” in 2021, the top 10 most inspiring CEO to watch in 2021, Featured among Top 10 Women Entrepreneur in India 2020 by Forbes India and many more.

Nextgen has faced a few significant obstacles during the pandemic; with the research institutes shut down during the lockdown, the Life Science Research aspect suffered the consequences of it. Dr. Nagma and her team began working on new opportunities with clients recommended by the ICMR for COVID testing and VTM manufacturers. Her team got personally involved, applying for e-pass, and moving products themselves from airports to client sites as logistics companies were shut down. They kept assisting their customers to the best of their abilities, which helped them gain their customer’s confidence. As a team, they are proud to serve the nation in such a difficult time and serve for this noble cause of saving lives.

Nextgen applies innovation as a strategy to create a competitive advantage, producing things that nobody else can, doing something better than everyone else by introducing superior, cheaper, and faster services. This enables her to create long-term competition gathering knowledge, technology skills, experience in creativity and development, and introduce new ideas in the form of product innovation, process innovation, or business model innovation.

Dr. Nagma is passionate about learning new things, conquering challenges, and loves her profession. Creativity and innovation are the key to her success. Dr. Nagma lives by the mantra to never be fearful of failures in life, enjoy your journey, and live till you’re alive and making your loved ones proud of you.

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