Dr. Mubeena Iqbal

International Higher Education Leader

Women empowerment and leadership is a topic discussed by all but practiced by very few says Mubeena Iqbal, an Academic leader, who knew it at the very beginning of her career that the journey will definitely be full of stumbling blocks. But her ability to thrive on complexities and extensive experience in higher education led her to achieve the pinnacle of success.

Growing around open-minded and unbiased discussions in family propelled her to grasp a balanced view of life. Mubeena resonates with her parent’s inspiration which paved her from the conundrum of single-handedly balancing her career, life and two kids, who went on to become doctors. Consequently, after few years, she found herself humble and empowered being in international higher education leadership, the woman has definitely left thousands of heads turned.

Mubeena Iqbal whose passion lies in education and the spirit to take action is amongst the few determined people who chose the tougher path to tread! In her opinion, the chief driver of a successful person anywhere in the world is persistence “It is through my experiences and introspection, I realized that you are your own savior. Resilience, determination, and grit go a long way in achieving your goals.”

As the Academician, her onerous professional challenge in her roles as Associate Registrar and Head of General Education, during Covid-19 was being on the professional front. The pandemic played havoc in many lives, whereas the education industry, continuation of teaching and learning was the need of the hour. “To adapt to a new system and technology, with the same rigor and enthusiasm was not an easy task. This gave me an opportunity to experience and utilize emerging technologies in edtech.” says Mubeena

The relentless and unconventional way to perform a task is her appetite for the empowerment of learner’s growth through new ideas and innovation. It gives her inexplicable joy when learners overcome their personal struggles and difficulties in order to become employable and successful. Mubeena believes that Unesco’s SDG of education for all is an overarching goal that needs to be taken seriously by every academician. The one thing that fuels her to move towards her goal as an educator is to let young minds tap their potential and skills, which is going to help them not only in their careers but also in making society a conducive place to exist.

A true leader and hard worker, Mubeena is someone who believes in the statement “Stay hungry and stay foolish” quoted by Steve Jobs, after making her mark as a successful academician, she has turned into a new age knowledge yearner. Mubeena elucidates her success mantras as, “Follow the beat of your heart, believe in yourself and take measured risks. The world needs thinkers and leaders. Focus on developing yourself through reading, learning something new, and not settling for what you have. Acceptance is peaceful, but resigning to live is not. Push beyond what you feel is safe.”

With her extensive initiatives, Mubeena has contributed to the knowledge-intensive economy of UAE, she has imparted the requisite transferable employee skills to learners of various disciplines and nationalities. “Education is the biggest asset that can help strengthen the economy. We have thus contributed to the globalized education scenario where learners from any curriculum transfer to a university of their choice.” says Mubeena. She has helped learners think critically and build confidence to sustain job responsibilities and contribute to the globalized workforce.

Developing new additives and thriving on complexities are seen as a strength for Mubeena’s proactive self in her professional journey. “My strength is in my belief in myself and the thought that if you put in your best, you will be satisfied and content, irrespective of the outcome. I dwell in complexities and have my skin in the game. Arriving at solutions in complex situations for myself and people around gives me a great sense of accomplishment.”

Besides being a master in her field, Mubeena also delights in going on hiking and reading, she considers hiking a great stress buster, which also tests her endurance along with admiring the great scenic beauty.

With a vision to deliver essential competencies to youngsters to be able to face their lives and careers confidently. Mubeena Iqbal is striving hard and taking it as a responsibility of educators and parents responsibility to inculcate tolerance and respect in order to establish a harmonized community.

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