Dr. Meena Shah


Dr. Meena Shah, CEO of Medico Media, Founder of Namaste Life NGO, Health & Life Coach.

A Paediatrician by Profession, Dr. Meena’s passion lies in Proactive, Positive & Preventive Health Care, that led her to become Health & Life Coach & Health Communication Expert. She accompanied her husband to Kitwe, Zambia in 1977, where she worked at Kitwe Government Hospital & Mines Hospital. Thereafter, Dr. Meena also served briefly at children’s hospital Plymouth, U.K. before returning to India in 1980. Her undying passion for wellness motivated her to build a healthcare model that would focus on education, coaching, training and promoting the society to live a healthier life.

With the inception of “Well Baby Clinic” in 1981, Dr. Meena soon launched the indigenous idea of Pre Natal Classes to coach pregnant women for a comfortable pregnancy, easy childbirth, and child care considering the unawareness of pregnancy care in the rural areas.

Furthermore, Dr. Meena founded ‘Medico-Media’ – a unique health care communication company engaged in creating health campaigns for public awareness. Dr. Meena, also founded ‘Namaste LIFE’, an
NGO dedicated to positive health awareness and training.

Working with the corporate world

Since 1992, she is an active proponent of proactive and holistic healthcare – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. She inspires & facilitates people towards improving capabilities and productivity by small, specific changes in daily lifestyle. Problems like obesity, fatigue, insomnia, depression, high cholesterol are becoming a norm of new age due to an unhealthy lifestyle. It is not surprising that the World Health Organisation(WHO) announced in 2019 India has the highest number of people with depression.

Dr. Meena affirms that medication only does half the job and the remaining half is done by the patient, not only taking medicines as prescribed but also adopting a healthier way of living. She strongly believes that corporates and industries should show greater involvement in inducing a healthier lifestyle & eliminating stress for their employees, to ensure enhanced levels of effectiveness and productivity at work.

Training Of The Trainers(TOT)

Many times Dr. Meena comes across this question -‘Are my efforts enough?’

She realized that the answer lies in creating leaders, masters and trainers who could take information &
forward it to many. TOTs – Training Of The Trainer’s Workshops are the key enablers and result in a spiraling effect to reach out to millions. Teachers, peer leaders, doctors, health workers, nurses, women constables, NGOs, and other Opinion leaders are thoroughly trained & provided well researched AV Training Modules for training & communicating by Dr. Meena.

Use of New Media to Increase Awareness

Dr. Meena Shah is adept at using technology, social media & audio-visual medium to reach the masses. She has delivered over 3,000 TV shows both on national & International TV, more than 400 radio programs. Using AV tools, Dr. Meena has produced thousands of short videos on health on varied topics such as Motherhood, Healthy Eating, Fitness, Yoga, Positive Thinking, Stress Management, Work-Life Balance, Obesity, Heart Care, Diabetes, BP, Angioplasty and more. Using Social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter, help reach people for reinforcing ideas and work well as reminders too. Dr. Meena has more than 4.5 million viewers on YouTube.

Dr. Meena Shah partners with Corporates, Government & Non-Government organizations for web-based activities to promote positive health. Through a collaboration with Gujarat Government, she created content for a unique project, “Swasthya Samvedna Sena” which was first of its kind with over 110 audiovisual training modules and 500+ videos for awareness & training on health care in rural communities.

School Health Programs & Activities

Today’s school children face the problem of improper nutrition, lack of optimum growth & development,
depression and stress. Dr. Shah and her team have conducted over 1000

“Healthy Child – Happy Child” – Health, wellness, cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation & preventive health workshops for school children. Dr. Meena has positively improved the health of over 21 lac school children through school health activities and AV Training Modules.

Good Life & Menstrual Hygiene Counselling Programs

Dr. Meena conducts group counseling for teen girls in rural and urban India with an impact of over 12 lac urban & rural teen girls through her workshops. Also, special workshops & TOTs like-‘Nirbhaya-Swasth Jivan Shreshth Jivan’ – Master TOT For Women Constables on Women Empowerment, Wellness & Safety initiatives have impacted over 5.5 lac women, school girls & young women.

Project ‘Kuposhan Thi Suposhan’ for care & treatment of malnourished Children has impacted over
500 Kids SAM (Severe Acute Malnutrition) in Ahmedabad & Sanand. Dr. Meena also promoted Women Wellness – Promotive, Preventive & Curative Health Projects, workshop series, TOTs for health care teams, TV shows, & use of Social Media. It impacted over 5 million women.

Dr. Meena Shah Has Reached Over 50 Million People Through Her Unique Initiatives Of Open House Programs, Trainings, Trainings Of The Trainers Workshops For School Teachers, Village Healthcare Teams, Peer Leaders In Corporates, Media & Social Media.

Dr. Meena Shah’s motto is “Health by Choice, Not by Chance”.

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