Dr. Rohit Malhotra


Dr. Rohit Malhotra, a hospitality professional and master of brand franchising.

A hardcore hospitality professional who believes in creating values in concepts and brands, Dr. Rohit Malhotra has a very interesting life story to tell. Having had a sound experience of 23 plus years as an accomplished professional in operations management & leadership and culinary expertise, he is now working on to launch a company to acquire master franchisee rights for Gloria Jeans Coffee, Applebee’s Grill & Bar, Marie Claire Paris Hotels, TAPOUT, NDK Swiss Life Hotels and few other brands with whom discussions are on table which, Rohit plans to soon add in the portfolio.

Dr. Malhotra completed his Master’s in Business Administration with major in International Business in 2013 after obtaining two Diplomas in Business Management from Pacific College of Technology, Australia in 2010 and in Hotel Management from Meridian International Hotel School, Sydney, Australia in 2009 respectively. Earlier, he had a Master’s in Business, from Punjab University which he completed in 2005. He has a proven track record of years in people’s growth through mentoring, key strategies and a surpassed knowledge of the food industry. The University of Jerusalem has awarded him with an Honorary Doctorate award in 2019, for his efforts and contribution in business administration. In addition, he has a Certificate of BarTender from Liquor Association, NSW (Australia); Food Handling Training from Australia Food and Health Association; Fire and Handling Fire Equipments from NSW Fire Training Centre, Australia and OH & S sessions from OH & S Nando’s Australia.

Rohit is married to Aarti and the couple is blessed with a beautiful 8-year-old daughter, Tia. He has very
high regard & praise for his father who, unfortunately, passed away earlier this year. He recalls that immediately after partition his family struggled hard but his father ensured good education for his children and sent him to Australia for studying hospitality management, where he sometimes worked continuously for over 44 hours in a single stretch and slept in parks or benches during his college days.

Dr. Malhotra is a man with vision, he takes the hospitality business as a large system where all, including competitors, restaurants, kiosks, are rather team players working towards a single goal, to build hospitality industry stronger and most powerful. He feels that this country requires a separate ministry to address the needs of the hospitality industry as old policies need a changeover now, starting from obtaining a license to property prices to the shortfall in skilled human resources, everything poses a hindrance to the growth of the industry.

He is driven with a strong reputation throughout the industry with passion, exemplary work ethic, high energy and logical decision making all leading to proven successes. Business development in a virgin market is one of his core strengths which he utilizes for the brand establishment, brand building & brand
management of startups and other new ventures. Rohit has always been a team player; he firmly believes that excelling in business depends upon the best performance of every team player, which has taught him to work upon every individual and take out the best out of him for the best overall results.

Over a period of time, Rohit has developed a nick for Franchise Operations and Business Development. During his career, he must have written and implemented numerous Franchise Operations and Training Manuals and successfully appointed and raised over 50 franchisees and managers with a 90% retention rate over 5 years. He has standardized and streamlined operating procedures which increased services & satisfaction, efficiency, and product consistency.

He believes that Marketing is the pulse of every business; since every market is different from the other, the success of a new product or service depends upon detail in planning, involving the marketing team, plan the new marketing initiatives or launch activity each and every time.

His zeal for excellence through hard work and incessant knowledge of the subject has earned him many recognitions, awards and accolades; he was appointed as Adviser to Governing Board and Guest Lecturer at Symbiosis Skill and Open University Pune; he was listed in the most talented food Industry leaders in Feb 2019, Forbes India quoted him in May 2018, Economics Times covered him on front page cover story in July 2017, Techno Pak listed him and his contributions with other industry leaders in report of 2016, he has been covered by almost all top publications online and offline.

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