Dr. Komil Bhalla


Dr. Komil Bhalla is an independent, charismatic individual and a reformist in Dental Procedures.

It was a life-changing decision for Dr. Komil to immigrate with her husband and little toddler daughter(Manvi) to Canada, as he was joining a qualifying dentist program at the University of Toronto. Dr. Komil was already a practicing dentist in India, and Masters in Prosthodontics, yet she had to go back to school for their license to practice in Canada. The turmoil only got difficult as she had to simultaneously prepare for the entrance tests while also look after a family, her small girl. To make ends meet in a new country, she did a full-time job as a dental assistant at a dental office, when finally her perseverance and hard work paid off, she joined the University of Western Ontario for the D.D.S program in 2005. The following years were unusually tough with 2 kids, home and to manage full-time dentistry school, yet she exceeded expectations, with her versatile ways, and managed the university classes, work, and household chores together with unparalleled excellence.

She obtained her credentials to practice Dentistry in Canada at the University of Western Ontario, in 2007. Dr. Komil Bhalla has also received certification from the University of Toronto in imparting Moderate Sedation for dental procedures. Having completed a mini-residency in Dental Implants, Dr. Komil Bhalla continues to regularly upgrade her dental skills. She is also BCLS and ACLS trained. She is also involved in providing continuing education courses in sedation both nationally and internationally alongside her husband who is a Dental Anesthesiologist.

Dr. Komil and her husband together embarked on their private clinic – MM Family and Sleep Dentistry (Double M’s are for Manvi and Manav- both their kids) offices in 2007 right after they both graduated from schools. They are a specialist office that provides dental treatment for those patients that would not get care on a regular basis due to anxiety and nervousness for dental procedures.

In the past 12 years, Dr. Komil has organized a lot of community events for the general public and kids at public schools, at the community level for dental awareness.

Dr. Komil private clinic MM Family and Sleep Dentistry also participates and organizes dental camps for people in Peru with a charitable organization, they not only provide her services but also dental supplies and materials for the camp at no charge.

Usually Regular Dental offices can offer dental treatment, however, MM Family and Sleep Dentistry provide specialized care center provides customized sedation based on procedures and level of anxiety, ranges from laughing gas to general anesthesia for the dental care of your loved ones. This is a specialized field to cater to young kids that can not sit and get needles done in their mouth and have multiple decayed teeth to fix, also adults with phobia and gag reflex. Their goal is to improve access to care for patients. The focus is not on building patient clientele, but primarily on building relationships. Thus standing by their motto “We care for your loved ones like you would.”

What sets MM Family and Sleep Dentistry dental office and business apart, is the fact that all doctors are passionate about the work we do, patients feel at ease when they see that they are been treated with warmth and compassion. Giving personnel attention to each and every need of the patient is the goal. Tireless work ethics and willingness to do whatever it takes to make each and every patient comfortable at their dental appointment. MM Family office and team of doctors have participated for over 12 years in the provincial funded dental programs for local communities, despite the programs being poorly funded, and not even enough to cover the overhead expenses incurred. MM team cherishes the fact that they gave someone a healthy smile. It is their way of giving back to the community. Although they do want the Canadian Government to reconsider funding, as it would lead to improving access to care as not many dental offices accept these programs. However, Team MM Dentistry deserves a true award of Merit for this service, exhibiting the traits of dedication and self-reliance.

Along with undeniable talent, Dr. Bhalla has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of everyone in the office including staff and associate dentists. Balancing life, family, kids, profession and ongoing charity for community and local public she emerges as a star for some and an angel for some. She has changed lives and patients do testimonials every day about the selfless dedication they see in her.

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