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Dr. Jayaprakash M., Chairman and Managing Director of Jay Jay Consultants, Jay Jay Capital and Investment Pvt Ltd.

Jayaprakash M has completed his education in MBA – Marketing and BE – Electronics and has climbed up the ladder from being an employee to becoming a leader and now the Chairman and MD, Director, Managing Partner of 11 Companies. He has over 2 decades of experience. In his entire journey, Mrs. Jayashree Ramakrishna his wife has supported him throughout the carrier and business ups and down in all the aspects. Also, they have blessed with son Nihal Jayaprakash who is 15 years old studying in National Public School, Bangalore.

M/s. Jay Jay Consultants started in the Year 2005 as a one-stop solution for setting up business/ industries, i.e. complete permitting/ consultancy solution provider for Oil & Gas Retails Industries, FMCG, Telecom Sector and SEZ Parks, operating across India. They have 10 Associated Companies with diversified business portfolios. Ranging from Architectural Designing Services to Large Format Retail Permitting Services & Dealers for Electrical fittings to e-Commerce and Hospitality.

Some of their international companies include M/s. Jay Jay Consultants Ltd, Mauritius which is One Stop Solution for setting up business/ industries in Mauritius including offshore business solutions, M/s. Qualatus Limited, Mauritius – Importers of Granite and Construction Material and operate Granite Retail Showroom & Construction, Mauritius; M/s. GJC Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Master Franchise of Gloria Jean’s coffee in India; M/s. Jay Jay Hotels and Restaurants and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. are Partnered with Marie Claire Paris for setting up of Boutique Hotels in India, Srilanka, and Mauritius. NDK Swiss Life for setting up Business Hotels across India, Srilanka, and Mauritius. Applebee’s Bar & Grill Restaurants in India. Jay Jay Iconic Brands has acquired retail and online rights of TAPOUT in India.
M/s S4 Tech Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (I-Garage) is another company in the business of selling Shell lubricants
through e-commerce.

At the onset in the year 2005, Jay Jay Consultant turnover was at 2.5 Million Rupees from 3 Clients and
the company has grown phenomenally to a turnover of 160 Million Rupees in 2018 -19, with over 28 large corporate clients and more than 40 MSME clients, the world over.

When enquired from Dr. Jayaprakash, about their competitors and their USP (Unique Selling Proposition), he responded, ‘We do not think we have any competitors, as we are onestop solution, so essentially we cater to 360-degree portfolio management, right from the identifying the site until providing for all mandatory permits/ licenses to kick start the business. We also ensure to check and provide feasible, viable guidance and support to expand business verticals.’

Talking about the Government Policies that affect the Food and Beverage(F&B) sector, he shared F&B market is expected to grow by 2.5 times in the next 5 years, which means more and more beverages operations will flourish across the country. Looking at the current scenario F&B Industries must obtain a minimum of 5 -25 varied licenses and that is a challenge to handle, considering the government authorities, paperwork. We feel that the government policies must be friendly to establish a new business, which is missing for now. Hence, I propose a single-window system to obtain all the required permits, which will, in turn, provide impetus to our Gross Domestic Product(GDP).

Likewise, when the Oil & Gas Retail Industries, Hospitality, Telecom Sector, and SEZ Parks were facing challenges in obtaining permits for the new outlet/ offices, it was Dr. Jayaprakash vision that helped revolutionize and bring an enormous change in obtaining the permits from the one-stop solution from securing the site until the opening of Outlet. They have supported 1500 Oil & Gas stations and 2000 restaurants pan India.

Dr. Jayaprakash’s mission is to expand its network across Asia and GCC. We have identifie

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