Dr. Durga Prakash Devarakonda

Phenomenal Corporate Genius who Engraved his own Destiny of Triumph

Dr. Durga Prakash (DP) is a corporate genius who has incorporated his skills and wisdom to tackle down hurdles and accomplish the impossible. He has laid the foundation for many firms that later turned out to be a behemoth in their respective industries. Presently, Dr. Durga manages a team of 4000 people at a Fortune 23 Global Healthcare firm. His team consists of professionals who have expertise in the field of Digital Transformation, AI, and the Cloud. He is the Head and SVP, Member of the Senior Leadership Team. His firm is a Global Capability Centre of Technology which is addressing the health of 110 million people globally. Dr. DP Has been contributing to India’s IT & ITES industry for the last 25 years and created more than 20,000 Jobs in India by working closely with several MNCs and NASSCOM/ HYSEA. Since his childhood, he had the conviction that nothing could stop him from turning his ideas into reality. This could be the reason why Dr. Durga has been completely committed to an effort to pursue his never-ending goals.

Coming to his academic journey, Dr. Durga Prakash (DP) holds a Doctoral degree and a Master’s degree in Information Technology. He has experience of over 25 years in, software and global delivery operations covering both Software development & support businesses. He primarily focuses on the areas of Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Dr. Durga also headed large India-based offshore delivery teams of Software, data, and support functional business units globally.

Dr.Durga’s thoughts on teamwork are very enlightening. He says working closely with teams is essential for success. Different members of a team are skilled in different areas; for example, some may be adept at problem-solving, while others may excel in technical and functional departments. However, simply possessing talents may not be enough to propel the team forward. There is also a significant element of accountability.

Today, Dr. Durga Prakash has become an important figure within the world of business. Beginning his career as a Managing Principal Consultant at “Capgemini Invent” to working for large tech giants such as Accenture, Oracle, and Tech Mahindra ~ Dr. Durga’s journey has been an inspiring endeavor.

Like feathers to his golden crown, Dr. Durga Prakash has been honored with many recognitions and awards. He received the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi International leadership award from both houses of Parliament for his contributions to the global healthcare Industry. He has been an international expert in Artificial Intelligence covering areas like Machine learning, Deep Learning, Semantics & Ontology, Computer Vision, and NLP. He was also instrumental in building patent pending frameworks in “Autonomous Health Systems and personal Health Assistants”. He has been an active speaker and contributor to global AI events like AI World and Open AI. He also attended Harvard Business School’s executive education program on “Managing and transforming Professional services firms in India”.

Recently, he was featured in Forbes India Tycoons of Tomorrow edition as a Visionary for establishing and scaling India based Global Capability centres for fortune 100 firms. He was also awarded as one of the Global Achievers of 2021 from IAfIndia, recognised by Ministry of youth and sports, culture, Government of India.

Apart from this, Dr. Durga also entered the Guinness Book of the World Records in 2018 for organizing the world’s largest digital event where 100,000 people came together on a video conferencing application “Zoom” to pray Lord Hanuman.

Dr. Durga has a magnificent mantra of triumph for our audience: “Be very clear from the start, build confidence, invest in yourself and build the culture of learning so that your earning is already taken care of.

He also gave us some book recommendations: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, The mindset by Carol Dweck, and Beyond the Last Blue Mountain – the Authorised Biography of J.R.D. Tata

An astonishing fact is that in the year 1998, Dr. Durga Prakash won accolades from Bill Gates for achieving the status of youngest Indian who completed all possible Microsoft certifications. Seems like he was always destined to cherish success in his life.

Dr.Durga also contributed to several leadership development programs internally in the past with large employers like Gemini, Oracle, and Accenture. He is an active member of various CSR initiatives in the corporate world for the last two decades.

Will Digital India be a humongous game changer? Dr. Durga Prakash assured us this with certainty. He expresses that Digital India is a huge step towards reducing corruption and bringing transparency to the country. If Dr.Durga Prakash says so, we surely are gonna take his word for it.

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