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Dr. Bimal Chhajer, an illustrious Cardiologist, a pioneer of non-invasive heart care and an advisor of holistic healthcare, globally, shares his story about Science and Art of Living.

Dr. Bimal Chhajer MBBS, MD is a wellknown personality in the world of medical science in India and
abroad. He is the pioneer of Non-Invasive Cardiology in India. After his services at the internationally proclaimed AIIMS, New Delhi, he founded SAAOL Heart Center in 1995, a new kind of heart Center where no operations will be done and heart patients will get treatment by medicines, lifestyle and non-invasive treatments. SAAOL stands for ‘Science And Art Of Living’ where he combines hardcore medical
science with the art of Yoga, Cooking and Stress management, with their head office at Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi. It was only a matter of time, this holistic treatment was in high demand and popular
globally. Today SAAOL Heart program is the most popular non-invasive treatment in India. SAAOL has now more than 94 branches all over India and also in Bangladesh, Nepal. Today SAAOL is the largest chain of Non-Invasive Cardiology Clinics in the whole world.

The inception of this kind of treatment goes back to 1986 when Dr. Chhajer while working at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, as a Junior Resident in Cardiology, had an immediate experience with one patient with an unhealthy lifestyle, his sudden death, made him realize that the treatment with medicine is not sufficient if the lifestyle was counter-productive. This created a new concept – treat heart patients by educating them and changing their lifestyles. Medicines should be the second line of treatment.
During the next 8 years, he carried out research on this new concept at King George’s Medical College, Lucknow for his MD followed by his tenure as an Assistant Professor at AIIMS, New Delhi.

His unique way of treating heart disease without intense surgeries like Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty made SAAOL centers special and in demand. His concept popularized across the country and abroad, he also authored about 100 books in the field of preventive health and heart disease education. His book on “Reversing Heart Disease” has been translated into 10 Indian languages. He has treated more than 200 thousand heart patients by lifestyle treatment along with allopathic medical management. He has delivered more than 5000 public talks on heart care awareness. Dr. Chhajer also advocates YouTube lectures that are very popular and have 21 million views. His ‘Zero oil cooking’ methods have quickly caught fame and are being followed by millions across India.

At SAAOL Heart Care Pvt. Ltd. the body is not disturbed, the treatment was safe, logical and cheaper. The Word of mouth combined with the use of digital media spread Dr. Chhajer’s dream-like fire. He
then added two more safe non- invasive treatments for heart and holistic health–ECP and Detoxification, which became an instant hit for the method adopted was acceptable, ensured results.
The Government of India has also started promoting Yoga and lifestyle change for the prevention and reversal of heart disease.

Dr. Bimal Chhajer’s Passion is to spread the message of “Heart Care with Lifestyle and Medical Management”. He wants to make India Heart Attack Free.

Dr. Chhajer has developed and launched a nationwide program in 2017 for – ‘National Program for Prevention and Eradication of Heart Attack (NPPEHA)’ with objective of creating awareness about causes of Heart Attack and educating heart patients by his new Video programs called ‘Edu Vaccine’ and ‘SAVE Heart Attack’ where SAVE stands for “SAAOL Audiovisual Vaccine by Education”.

Dr. Chhajer was born in a Jain family in a remote village in West Bengal in 1961, was educated in Bengali
medium school locally. He then shifted to Kolkata and completed his MBBS from Kolkata. He is popular for having cured and treated the President of India twice. He has received numerous awards for his outstanding work and achievements in healthcare, some including Doctor of the year 2012 award by the ‘India Book of Records’, 2013, Hindi Gaurav Award by The Government of India, (Delhi), Doctor of the year 2016 by the Indo-Vietnam Medical Board, 2016, Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 by Lions Club,
2019 (Bangalore).

He has also been recognized internationally as The Greatest Leaders of Asia 2016, 2017 (Singapore)
and as US Congressional Recognition 2017 at Los Angeles. His passion and dedication to improving and
develop heart health care and holistic well being are always recognized, and Dr. Chhajer is invited to many global forums, conferences to share his opinion and insights on healthcare. While we pen his story, he and his advanced center with a super specialized team of doctors work on developing even better and painless methods to ensure our hearts remain vibrant, well we look forward for more of his discoveries.

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